Chagrin River
Our Chagrin River

At Chagrin Valley Soap we know that the health of our planet is affected by the impact of our daily activities. We work hard as a company and family to be vigilant of the impact we have on the environment.

When I taught science, every April was Earth month. Each grade level would focus on a different aspect of environmental awareness. The “Three R’s” of “Reading wRiting and ‘Rithmetic” became the “Three-R’s” to produce less waste. Reduce your consumption and waste, Reuse what you have, and Recycle everything you can.

Every day we reuse, recycle and compost to reduce waste and our impact on the environment.  Here are a few simple things we do to help keep waste out of our landfills.

  • Use real dishes, silverware, cups, and glasses instead of disposables
  • Use rags and hand towels instead of paper towels
  • Use a water filter instead of plastic bottled water 
  • We recycle everything
  • Our shredded office paper becomes packaging material
  • We collect packaging materials from our neighbors
  • We re-use all the packaging materials we receive
  • Our trash “cans” are the plastic pails in which our oils were packaged
  • Our product packaging is 99% plastic free
  • We are mindful of every possible way to keep waste out of our landfills

As a company that dedicates itself to all things natural, we work hard every day to become more "Green." Going forward, we will continue to monitor our personal daily activities as well as our business practices always looking for alternatives that are better for Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

There is a Native American proverb that says...

Treat the earth well:
it was not given to you by your parents,
it was loaned to you by your children.
We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors,
we borrow it from our Children

I have children and grandchildren. The future belongs to them which is why we strive to run our family life and our business life in an environmentally responsible manner.