Why Buy From Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

Aloe Vera Soap

    Chagrin Valley is not just another skin care company. We are on a mission to make our customers healthier and our Earth a little greener. We are committed to healthy skin, healthy people and a healthy planet.

    The Formulas We Create Are Unique. They are designed in house using knowledge from research and ingredients from nature. We use certified organic ingredients--herbs and flowers, vegetables and fruits, sustainable oils and butters and pure essential oils to create fresh, wholesome products that will nourish your skin and be kind to our planet. 
  • Quality: We hand blend all of our own products in small batches to ensure freshness, consistency and perfection. Think of it as pure nutrition for your skin and hair!
  • All Natural: It's all about ingredients! Our products have always, and will always, contain nothing but all natural ingredients. There is nothing artificial, nothing synthetic, no GMO’s, just wholesome natural ingredients you can trust.
  • Organic: It's all about ingredients! Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve is a USDA Certified Organic Company. We work hard to obtain organic certification each and every year. Organic certification is the only way you can be sure a company's product truly complies with organic standards. It is a constant reminder of our commitment to our customers and our planet. 
  • Customer Service: We are especially proud of our customer service. Our goal is to listen and respond to every customer comment or question with well-researched and constructive answers. Our customers have easy access to our staff by email and telephone to answer questions about our products.
  • Environmental Conscience: It is our practice to use raw materials that are sourced in an environmentally and ethically responsible manner. We are Leaping Bunny Certified--Cruelty Free. Our palm oil is certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance and we buy Fair Trade whenever possible. Our products are biodegradable and minimally packaged with recycled and recyclable materials. Our packaging is over 99% plastic free.
  • Knowledge: Our products, developed by Ida, a registered nurse with a Master’s degree in biology and a minor in chemistry, are safe and effective. The goal is simple--to use the power of nature to cleanse, soothe, heal and protect your skin.
  • Value: Our product prices per ounce, are some of the lowest in the market. We keep our prices low 365 days a year rather than having sporadic discount sales. While of course profit is important in order to carry on with our business, it is not what drives our passion.
  • Our customer community includes the growing ranks of health-conscious people who prefer natural and organic skin care. Customer feedback is a fundamental component of our research and development. We often formulate products based on customer suggestions.  *Our customer community inspires us to formulate wholesome, natural products that are safe and effective.  *Our customer community spurs the innovation that creates our new product lines. We have a large collection of testimonials which reveals the appreciation and loyalty of our customers to the company and our products.

My little soap hobby turned into a business as our reputation grew by word of mouth-- from family to friends and then through the internet. We were one of the first soap companies to make truly all natural soap and to disclose ALL of our ingredients. Our customer base grew because our products worked and our customers trusted us.

Castile Oilve Oil Soap

We regularly get emails from our customers telling us how our products have helped them.

A few years ago I received a thank you email from a customer that made me cry. It was from the father of a young teenage girl. She had a terrible skin disorder on her back and was so embarrassed that she refused to go to sleep-overs or even go swimming. She been to many doctors, but nothing they gave her worked and some things even made her sick. A family member told them to try our soap.

After a few weeks his daughter came to him, lifted up the back of her shirt and showed her father that her back was completely clear. Needless to say, he has been a customer ever since.

We are proud that we have so many customers who take the time to thank us.


The quality of our product is extraordinary, the value is excellent and most importantly the loyalty and trust we have earned from our customers has grown our company from a small cottage business into an internationally recognized skin care company.

Natural handmade skin care - from our hands to yours. That is our promise to you!