Local Ingredients

Supporting Small Business & Local Business

At Chagrin Valley Soap we believe in the power of small businesses and know they are the engine that drives our country. Small business owners and employees have expertise in their industry, passion for the products they manufacture and sell, value their customers and take a special pride in their trade. Supporting small businesses encourages individuals to be entrepreneurial, which fuels innovation and keeps the idea of the "American Dream" alive.

We also believe that it is important to give back to the community in which we live and work. We donate our time, products and money to support local organizations that serve our community. We know that we can make an impact on our community and our environment by buying raw materials from local businesses that share our values.  We patronize small farms, farmer's markets, buy local organic ingredients from our grocery stores and have also found some wonderful locally owned and operated businesses from which to buy ingredients.  Below is a description of some of these businesses.

McKenzie Creamery


Located just 20 miles East of us, the McKenzie Goat Creamery is the ‘child’ of the amazing Jean McKenzie. Founded in 2007, Jean has been winning awards and taking over Cleveland’s markets, shops and restaurants with her amazing Goat Cheeses. With so many handcrafted choices and a beautiful goat farm, Jean and her son Rob run a warm and successful operation. Visiting their farm is one of life’s true pleasures. Rob provides us with fresh Goat’s milk as we need it and we sure appreciate it!

We use Goat’s Milk in our "Goat Milk Oatmeal & Honey" soap, "Olive & Shea" soap, "Carrot & Honey Complexion" soap and our "Carrot Milk & Honey" shampoo bar!



Stutzman Farms


Stutzman Farms, in Millersburg, is located right in the heart of the beautiful Ohio Amish farms of Holmes County. Monroe Stutzman runs the main Stutzman grains farm, while his brother Arlie runs Ice Shanty Cheese. Monroe grows and harvests a long list of great crops and sells them whole grain or milled in the traditional stone-ground fashion. He has an amazing device called a ‘puffer’ which he uses to puff rice and corn that they then sweeten and sell all over Ohio.

We use their Certified Organic Whole Oats, stone-ground Oat Flour and stone-ground Cornmeal in MANY of our soap bars, including our "Avocado Oats & Shea", "Bananas & Cream", "Cornmeal & Honey", "Goat Milk Oatmeal & Honey", "Lavender Oatmeal Spice" and even our "Honey & Oats" Dog shampoo!


Rising Star Coffee


A welcome newcomer to town, Rising Star Coffee is an amazing oasis in the heart of a thriving urban area of Downtown Cleveland known as the Ohio City district. Located in the old Ohio City Firehouse, Kim Jenkins is the visionary who decided to begin the operation they refer to as "progressive coffee roasting". Bringing in 100% Direct Trade certified, Rainforest Alliance certified and USDA organic certified beans, they do beautiful roasts and cold infusions. They brew a cup at a time for their patrons and you can see the whole operation, bean to cup, right there.

We use their beans in our "Coffee Spice" and "Java Spice" soaps and our hair darkening "Cafe Moreno" shampoo. They roast some Organic Sumatra beans EXTRA dark just for us and we use that to make our own house coffee infused Jojoba oil and our own fresh Coffee Butter, which is then used to make our popular "Mocha Java" lip balm!