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A HELPFUL HINT from a customer

I know it is really difficult recommending products for individual skin types and I am sure that everyone asks. I have realized throughout my years of trying and trying all sorts of products that helped friends (but not me, of course), that you are right we all have unique skin and hair. Your shampoo bar and soap recommendation pages helped me make some choices, but I found the information on the testimonials page to be the most helpful.

A hint to help your customers wade through all of these accolades: If you are looking for help with a specific problem or condition, such as eczema, just go up to the top of your browser bar and pull down the "edit" menu. Then click on "find" and type in the word "eczema". Then you can read all of the comments that pertain to that specific skin issue. You can also type in the name of a specific soap or shampoo to see if anyone has written about it. I know this may not work for everything, but it may help.

My skin thanks you again for all of your fabulous products. Sarah, Michigan



I just wanted to tell you how your soaps have literally saved my skin! About a year ago I started developing an extremely debilitating rash all over my face and body. After 4 months of back and forth with doctors, biopsies, 2 rounds of oral steroids, tubs of topical steroids, and finally a patch test, it was determined that I'm highly allergic to formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing agents, which was in my shampoo, hand soap, face wash, and my baby's shampoo! I was getting contact dermatitis from using personal care products with these harmful chemicals.

I am so glad I found your site, because after using your soaps I have had no allergic reactions whatsoever! I use your castile soap on my face and your olive and babassu shampoo bar for my hair. I used to have dry skin and eczema and now that is completely gone! I used to get mild acne breakouts and blackheads too, and those have completely gone as well! I had no idea commercial products were actually making my skin WORSE. I also cut your castile soap into tiny tiny cubes and put them in my purse so I don't have to use the soap in public restrooms. This is a lifesaver because liquid hand soap often contains formaldehyde and cocamidropropyl betaine (another ingredient I'm highly allergic to), which was triggering contact dermatitis on my hands and transferring to my face! I just crush a soap cube or two between my fingers and lather up and rinse as usual. Thank you for making soaps with SIMPLE ingredients! Diane, California


There are so much about your products that have changed my life. I have completely switched over to all of your products from shampoos, soaps, facial creams, hair and bath teas. Rashes that I have battled with for years have all gone away. My son has battled with eczema for years struggling with every soap until finding Goat milk honey oatmeal. What a change to his life. He would never let soap touch his face before. Now his skin is completely clear- no eczema. Your products have changed my family's life. Beth, Indiana


I just wanted to thank you for some wonderful products! It's always a treat visiting your beautifully-put-together website and just browsing through the selections. I like to give myself at-home spa treatments as a way of relaxing at the end of a long day, or just because. Your products are just the solution for pulling it all together! I first started out doing a search for large bars of soap, because I would get so frustrated with ordering soap that would be like child size, and it would only last a little while. Imagine my delight when I found Chagrin Valley products! Not only do I get hefty bars of soap, but there are also samples to try new items, as well as all sorts of other products. A fantastic store! I'm always singing your praises, too! Thanks again!  Audrey


Hi there my new besties! I had to drop a line to express just how impressed I am with your shampoo bars. I recently bought several sample sized bars & a bargain bag of you auburn henna (thank goodness for gut instincs!) And every one is amazing in a different way! I have very curly color treated hair that tends to be dry and on the frizzy side. That is a thing of the past thanks to your products. I use an ACV rinse after & have never been so happy with my former tangled mop! Knots just slide through my fingers, I have more body than I could imagine, smooth,shiney curls with no frizz! All with NO CONDITIONER! I can't believe it. Looking good & saving money while being a bit kinder to old mother earth! Thanks for creating such awesome products. I have spent a small fortune every month on shampoo, conditioner, defrizz stuff, gloss & root lifter for years. Now a few swirls on my dome with one of my magic bars & an ACV rinse & I'm out the door. A little argan or coconut oil on the ends is all I do. Wow! I just love your stuff!  Sophia, California


Hi Chagrin valley soap and salve family, First of all I'd like to thank all of you all making sooo.. wonderful & natural products. Now I'd like to tell about my journey of experience with you guys. Like many other customers I also came to know about chagrin valley soap while browsing the internet and after reading the product's description & customers testimonial, I thought of giving it a try b'coz I was so upset with my oily,dull and acne prone skin. I was having a beautiful and problem free skin till I was living in my hometown but as i moved out for higher studies and finally for job, all sorts of problem started creeping in. I tried innumerable products for my skin to get rid of all the problems but something somewhere I was not feeling good after using them. My skin senses very easily which product is good for it.

I live in India and using your products from the past 4 months and I never ever thought in my weirdest of weird dreams that I'll ever import my soaps and other stuff.The products are worth every penny I am spending on them but yes shipping charges are a major constraint for international customers otherwise your products are the BEST and I must say CHEAPEST in price and that too NATURAL. I am an independent girl and not having family to support so I can happily go on buying your products. I am not saying that I am your lifetime customer but yes as long as I will be able to afford, I will.

My first order was very random and to be true I ordered products which were having a lot of customer feedback :P I ordered sample size & travel size products but after using them I realized that all of them are wonderful and not causing any harm to my skin. Now I order full size products even if I am ordering it for the first time b'coz I know it will be wonderful too :) I still remember when I first used one of the complexion soap bar which was "Neem & tea tree" I felt my skin, it was so soft  and when I saw myself in the mirror, OMG my dull looking skin was glowing. Then I applied "whipped squalance face & eye mousse", to my surprise only a tiny dot goes a long way. My skin was glowing (earlier it use to glow with the oil of my face :P) , It was like falling in love for the first time, with my skin though :) I stopped myself from reaching to any conclusion as all the products which I was using earlier showed their effect only for an hour or two, after that they left me with oily patches and an uncomfortable feeling over my face. But I swear, that day I did not noticed any oily patches and it was so easy going day. After returning from my office I saw myself in the mirror, my face was looking almost same. That was a real miracle for me.

Every product from your family is a miracle for me but I want to review some of them :

Seabuckthorn salve: I used it all over my face, over acne, surgical scars and results were awesome. It did not clog my pores, completely stopped my breakouts and helps in fading of scars. I have run out of it and I am seriously missing it. :(

Whipped squalance face and eye mousse: A real stunner, great for my combination skin. Moisturizes the skin & leaves a very light feeling.

Facial sorbet-cleansing sugar scrub: As it says, gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin & gives a boost to the skin. I applied it daily in the evening & noticed considerable changes in the form of reduced breakouts and healthy & glowing skin.

Lip balm-aloe butter: I used it for the first time and i was not very happy with the results. I had to apply it again and again against what was written on the website. But slowly after a couple of days I noticed the changes, My lips were very soft and I was using it only twice a day.

Deodorant-coconut silk cream natural scent:  I always wanted to use a natural deo. When I first opened the tin my reaction was - "What the hell is this?" . Truly speaking I never saw a deo which is a solid and I was very much skeptical about it. But the smell, it was just so seducing, i smelled it again and again ;) But when I used it and felt the goodness I was so impressed. Apart from deodorizing, it makes my under arms clearer and fairer. I was so so so happy after noticing the change, the baking soda (I guess) in it was giving a scrubbing action which cleans the skin.

Body sorbet-citrus cleaning sugar sorbet: No need of any moisturizer after using it. It is a great sorbet with scrubbing and moisturizing goodness.

Lotion bar-primrose lavender: Divine fragrance and moisturizes skin. After application I felt it heavy but within seconds it pnetrates in my skin leaving a soft feeling and beautiful fragrance.

Bath and body oil-vanilla bean: Another stunner, a small quantity goes a long way. I am using it after shower as daily moisturizer and it leaves my skin with a silky soft feeling and an awesome vanilla fragrance.

Complexion soap bars: I have used sooo many of them. Neem and tea tree, seabuckthorn & tea tree, Dead sea spa, carrot and honey complexion, castile, adzuki bean, goatmilk oatmeal honey.... and so many more are there. These all soaps are great, they soothe and calm the skin in a way or other. The soaps which i was using earlier, was stripping my skin of its natural oil leaving a very dry and rough feeling all over the body but after using your soap bars I was like-what the shit I was using on my skin... I can never thought of parting away with your soaps now. With loads & loads of love and hogs!  Shivangi, India


Hi, I just wanted y'all to know that your soaps have saved me. For a year I had a rash on my chest that would not go away. I went to several doctors, dermatologists, took a battery of antibiotics and steroids with no results. It was so bad at one point, that I feared this was the new norm, and I would live the rest of my life bothered by this. Then I found you guys. After 3 weeks using your soaps, my rash all but disappeared and I have not once itched uncontrollably since I began using them. It's so amazing to me that I keep on expecting this to be too good to be true, but I only keep improving, and I have y'all to thank for that. So thank you. Your products are amazing. And I'm truly happy that a company like y'all exists.  Jake, Florida 


Greetings chagrin valley family,  im writing you to say that im really glad to find you , as you know i have orderd collection of products for my entire family in my previous order, shampoo bars, soaps , face oils, salves and whipped butters, i want you to know that every single person in my family is already happy with the product, my main search was about natural shampoo bars, but it turned out to be in need of EVERYTHING! 

my dad who suffers from his knees and in constant pain tried your cold menthol and warming muscle salves, although i wasnt sure if this was going to be enough to help in his case, as he has ( not sure if thats the exact name ) knee osteoarthritis or that is called roughness in the knees , he either need surgery to fix that or get those injection fillers every 6 months to reduce friction, but he gets some infection there every now and then that cause the knee to swell, after using your salves he say he can clearly feel that it did work on his pain,  he is carrying those little tins with him whereever he goes! Im so glad that he is using something that is organic and yet does the job!

i love you guys and i love the quality of your products, the shampoos are great, i can already feel the diffrence in my hair, the lip balm works wonders and the aloe aloe aloe soap is awesome, i have placed another order yesterday and seriously if it wasn't about me being worried about the shipping bill i would have orderd even more items!

as you know i live in kuwait and that dhl address i use to ship my orders to in ohio is where they redirect the shipment to me in kuwait , they charge for that based on the size and the weight of the package , cause if i choose shipping direct to kuwait the package will go to the postal office where will be alot of hassle to release it , so thats why i prefer my ohio address , i paid around 100 dollar for my previous shipment but seriously i can tell your products are worth it. Also id like to say that the packaging was awesome ,all the products arrived in perfect condition, i wish you all the best and god bless you. Thank you so much for everything. Hadeel, Kuwait


Hi my name is Heather and I ordered over a month ago.  I wanted to personally thank you for your company. My hair was "unmanageable" up until a year ago when I switched to safer products. THEN when I tried a shampoo bar from a different company, it was good but I knew you guys would be better. I ordered a few samples and was so thankful to see an extra complimentary one!! I will be ordering a few more samples soon but definitely loved a lot of the ones I ordered. Nettle, cafe moreno, & lavender and spice are my favorites!

RESULTS: My hair is THICKER (I've complained about thin hair for years and actually on my wedding day my friend said your hair is thin no more! that was AWESOME) I have wavy-curly hair and my curls are MUCH more defined and on top of all of that the color in my hair is vibrant again. I just started a month ago. I am so excited about your company and I look forward to purchasing more! Thank you!  Heather, New Jersey


Hi Ida,  I just want to thank you again for all you do.  I began purchasing from you for the soap but I am really enjoying your wide range of skin care products. I'm 54 years old now so my skin sure appreciates your balms and oils.  And our daughter, who is 28 and severely disabled, also benefits from your products.  Her poor skin is so dry and sensitive that commercial products just don't cut it, she is also fed through an indwelling g-tube and I use your balms around her stoma site to keep the skin there in good condition as well. I really appreciate being able to purchase natural products from someone I can trust.  Thanks!  Vickie, Missouri


Chagrin Valley Team,  I just want to thank you for continuing to make such a great product! It seems like almost every time I walk into a health food store or farmers market there is someone selling handmade soap, but I only buy from you guys because those other soaps never smell as good, and they never have shampoo bars. I have been buying from you guys for years now. I stopped for a little while due to finances, and bought cheap shampoo, but whether due to the cheap shampoo, medications I was taking for fibromyalgia, or diabetes which went a long time uncontrolled (since I didn't know about it) my hair started thinning at an alarming rate.

Supplements didn't seem to help, and with only about 3 months till my wedding I was getting very concerned. I placed an order with you again, for the ayurvedic herb and herb garden shampoo bars. Within a couple weeks it was clear that the shampoo bars had not only stopped the hair loss/thinning but actually started to reverse it. It was  also at that time that I fell in love with the winter survival soap - it helped bring relief to my chronic sinusitis and after using I'd feel invigorated. I wish it was available year round!  I'll be a customer for life, and I so look forward to the next new offerings you come up with as your company grows. Not sure when you added the sore muscle rub, as it's been a while since I looked at the salves, but I added one to my order today and I'm very hopeful that will help with some of the pain I experience from my fibromyalgia, because I know your products always deliver! Thanks again,  Teresa, South Carolina

Dear Chagrin Valley, I recently purchased a bunch of samples of your complexion and shampoo bars, as well as your Squalane, Whipped Cocoa Butter, and facial oils, and I wanted to share my experience with these products.

I’m 35 with naturally curly (Irish heritage), thick, brown hair that is just now starting to show hints of silver. My skin has been well taken care of (Anthelios sunblock, and unscented Oil of Olay serums and lotions)and is just now sagging a little around the eyes and developing crinkles around the eyes and smile lines.

Growing up, my scalp was pretty oily, and I would wash with harsh clarifying shampoos followed by deep conditioners, every day. I was perplexed how some people managed to skip a day or two between washings as my head would turn into a matted oil slick. I also hated my naturally curly hair, and didn’t quite know what to do with it, so my flat iron was my best friend. Finally in my late 20s, I weaned myself off the harsh shampoos, then the daily washing, and accepted my curly hair for what it was. But in the past few years, I have been trying to detox my life, which brought me to your site to find alternatives to shampoo, soap, and skincare.

My favorite shampoo bar so far has been the Carrot Milk & Honey. After adjusting to using the shampoo bars (I was one of the lucky ones that get the hard water waxy hair if I don’t occasionally use an ACV rinse), the Carrot Milk & Honey leaves my hair shiny and full of body. I love the light scent. My curls are bouncier, and my natural highlights really shine. The Carrot Milk & Honey bar was a little too drying for my skin, so I use either the Coconut Milk or Butter Bar Conditioner as my body soap.

I love the fragrance of the Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar. Unfortunately this one left a little too much waxiness in my hair, but I will try it again with a deeper ACV rinse. I’m still learning! With the rinse, it sort of weighed my hair down a bit. On a positive note, my hair was not frizzy at all. I plan on trying this again as I’m more acclimated to shampoo bars now.

The Coconut Milk shampoo bar has been fantastic for my skin, but unfortunately too heavy for my hair. I think this would be fantastic for someone who has dry/brittle hair, but my thick curly hair was weighted down with it. I’ve kept this to use as a body bar because it is so moisturizing and my skin loves it!

I actually haven’t needed the Butter Bar Conditioner for my hair, as it is naturally oil and ACV conditions it well, but this has been a life saver for my dry winter skin! Usually during the winter, my upper legs and back are incredibly itchy from the dry air, but the Butter Bar Conditioner has really helped keep me clean and moisturized.

I am really enjoying your Complexion bars. My skin is combination (oily T-zone, dry everywhere else), mature, and has some tiny red blotches. While the Shea Rose Clay smells wonderful, it was a little too drying for my skin when used in combination with the facial oils, but I might chalk that up to user error and try again. I’m currently using the Rhassoul Yogurt Complexion bar, and really enjoy the spa-like scent. It is not too drying, and my complexion is bright and clean. My favorite has been the Fig & Plum Complexion bar, which has a light citrus scent that I adore, feels hydrating, and really brightens my complexion. I use these in combination with facial oil and Squalane, which had a bit of a learning curve for me, but now that I have a routine down, my face feels soft and hydrated.

I was completely new to facial oil, and based on the descriptions, purchased your Seabuckthorn Tamanu and Pomegranate Argan Tamanu oils. It was a little difficult for me to find the right amount to hydrate my skin, and I’ve found the best method for me has been to use these as cleansing oils rather than dotting them on as moisturizer. I wet my face with warm water, use about a dime’s worth in my palm and rub my hands together, then massage the oil all over my face. If I’m wearing makeup, I concentrate on those areas a little longer. Then I take a warm/hot wash cloth, set it over my face for about 30 seconds, and gently wipe the oil away. One last rinse, and my face is clean, well oiled, and so soft! I normally use a complexion bar first, but if I haven’t worn makeup, this is the entirety of my facial cleansing routine. Since I’ve been doing this, my fine lines have softened, my face is less blotchy and glowing, and I never have to buy “waterproof makeup remover” again! I like both of the oils equally, and alternate between the two. I use a dry brushing method to exfoliate, and this is the perfect finish to that ritual.

After cleansing my face (day or night), I dot your Squalane around my eyes, and anywhere on my face that is extra dry due to this harsh winter. It melts in like a dream. In the mornings, all the crinkles from the previous day’s laughter have smoothed, and my skin overall is so soft. I will never buy expensive “wrinkle” creams again!

My husband has had dandruff since I met him 8 years ago, and I began purchasing a Garnier dandruff shampoo for him way back when. His hair is baby fine, and he often uses product to style it. He also suffers from an occasional flare up of a skin fungus, which he has previously taken medication or used a topical medication for. I purchased samples of the Nettle, Ayurvedic Herb, Seabuckthorn & Tea Tree, and Herb Garden for him. All three have been a success at keeping him dandruff free, with the added benefit of affecting the texture of his hair. Now his baby fine hair has more body, and he doesn’t need any styling product to make it do what he wants. His favorites were the Seabuckthorn & Tea Tree, and Ayurvedic Herb, which was the most soothing for his scalp, and had a refreshing scent. He uses this as a body soap as well, and has had zero flare ups of his fungal issue since use of the Ayurvedic Herb shampoo bar.

I recently purchased your Nipple Balm, Baby Balm, Castile Soap, Lemon Lavender Soap, Baby Me! Tea, and Bamboo Velour Baby Washcloth for a friend’s baby shower. She was very happy to receive these healthy, natural options for baby and personal care! It felt great being able to give a personalized gift that wasn’t on any registry, and to introduce another person to Chagrin Valley Soaps.

I hope these reviews are helpful for others. Thank you so much for creating such wonderful items, I am now a customer for life! Sarah, North Carolina

Hi I just wanted to write to you guys and let you know that I am in love your shampoo bars! I have been looking a long time for a more natural way to clean my hair, and I have tried other natural shampoos, such as dr. bronner's, but all other types of natural shampoos seem to make my hair feel really oily and waxy. I recently ordered from you guys for the very first time about a week ago, I bought the goat milk/carrot shampoo, and I absolutely love what it does for my hair. Its full of volume, it's so easy to comb out, it smells wonderful, it is "taming" my hair, so it naturally falls where it supposed to and I am not forced to put other products in my hair, (like hairspray/gel) I am really excited to try other shampoo bars you make as well, and I am highly recommending these shampoos to friends and family. it's wonderful to have a product that works so well! Tara, California

Hello Ida and Family/Friends, I'm sure that you must get e-mails like mine very often but I cannot contain my excitement about your products. Yay!

Going "no-poo" has been something I had been toying with for a few years until recently I noticed a significant amount of hair loss. It actually made me panic. Not to mention that I've always been kind of paranoid about chemicals and what I put on my body/hair anyway. I'm 25 and reasonably healthy I couldn't help but scourer the internet for answers to my problem. I read on about ways of going about this for a few days until I stumbled upon a review of your shampoo bars. Intrigued, I checked out your site where I began to realize just how thorough your company is---with everything.

Now let me remind you, before I decided to order a couple samples of the shampoo bars I was washing my hair with baking soda and apple cider vinegar (which isn't terrible, but definitely not preferable). These bars were a GODSEND. They have made the transition into a life without [commercial] shampoo incredibly smooth. For the first week or so before I ordered these bars I was considering the fact that I might not have been able to continue with my endeavor, but now I have a great deal of confidence in my shampoo-less future.

There is a peace that overcomes me knowing that I'm not putting chemicals into my body or into the Earth every time that I use this soap. It has encouraged the revolution I am indulging in. Job well done. A million thank you's for making a sustainable, non-detrimental, impeccable product I know many (like myself) will fall in love with. Lifetime customer right here. Jen, Michigan

I wasn't sure where to leave a review about a few of your products that I have recently purchased and used. The 4 products I have used have been in 1 word AMAZING! I am really loving the Carrot and Honey complexion bar along with the Whipped Squalane mousse. I am in my mid 30's and have been using another natural cleanser and moisturizer but haven't been able to completely clear up an area on my chin. Based on the review of these 2 products I decided to try them. After the first wash the next morning my face in that specific area broke out but I wasn't freaked actually the complete opposite. I have been trying to clean up this are for a while now with different masks and such and all it took was washing and moisturizing my face with your products for 1 week! The next products are your hair soaps I love them! I bought samples of a few different ones but so far my favorite is the summer one, it seems to get my hair the cleanest, I would also tell anyone to use a ACV rinse vs. standard conditioner. And last but not least I just got the dog shampoo, it works very well on my dog and it smells good. I haven't tried the fur tea yet but I did want to see how she did with the soap first but I would guess just like every thing else it will be amazing. I just want to thank you for your awesome products and making them literally all natural with no funky "fragrance or scent" Just lovely essential oils or herbs. Jessica, Washington

I'd like to start of by saying thank you for creating the best soap and shampoo ever. I have very fine hair that tends to shed. Now my hair is beautiful, thick looking and soft After the first use I noticed less hair was falling out. I work at Starbucks, always having to wash my hands and grab for sanitized towels with sanitize solution on them they get do dry cracked and sometimes my knuckles bleed from being so dried out. Not anymore! oh yes you also solved a lot of my cysts acne problem, I've been dealing with now for 11 years (neem and tea tree) My boyfriend and I have tried everything on our poor Welsh Corgi who had dandruff and a chronic itch to the point where I would have to put a cone on him at night. The Honey and oats is amazing! His fur is extreamly soft, shedding is down to a minimum and there is no wet dog smell to him at all. Best of all he isn't chewing at himself. I'm totally sold for life thank you so much! Ariane, California

Hi there, This is not a query but a thank you email - I simply couldn't find any other means of contact to tell you honestly how great your products really are. I live in Australia, where 'natural' products are seemingly EVERYWHERE! Although truth be told these still tend to contain harmful or irritating ingredients. If you're lucky to find products that don't, well they then cost an arm and a leg or often don't leave your skin, hair or body clean. I guess it's enough said that I ship most of my toiletries from somewhere half way around the world. I know you're already aware of the quality of your products and the ingredients you use so I simply wanted to tell you to keep doing what you're doing as it's an amazing thing. I don't prefer you're products just because they're natural/ safe etc. But because they're affordable (uni student...), of the highest quality, do wonders for my complexion and hair (compliments from all parties due to the amazing improvement) and smell fantastic. The artificial smell of body washes/ cleansers/ shampoos etc. that I used to use now make me gag after having used your products for a couple of months now. Every shower is like a spa retreat - I come out feeling balanced and in the best frame of mind. I have gotten many of my friends hooked, which is great as it cuts the shipping costs when we order together :P Anyway thank you a million times over.  Olivia, Australia

Dear Ida and Chagrin Valley Family, Your soaps have basically saved my skin, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your products. I have an autoimmune disease that attacks collagen among other things, and this means my skin is very easily damaged. For years I used medicated soap after medicated soap and they just destroyed my facial skin especially. After one instance where I discovered what looked like a 10cm long papercut across one of my cheeks, I decided to change over to the 'gentle' cleansers on the market. They were better than the harsh soaps, but my skin was still in trouble, and there were days where I would just dread having to go wash my face because I knew it was going to hurt badly.

I very wearily ordered my first Chagrin Valley bar back in August (the Aloe, Aloe, Aloe bar because my skin really likes aloe), and it stung my face a lot in the beginning, probably because my skin was so unbalanced and damaged from the other soaps I had been using. I kept at it in spite of the not-so-auspicious start, and I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. The soaps have obviously not suddenly cured me of every one of my problems, but they've actually made me look forward to washing my face and showering! I ordered about a billion samples after the Aloe soap, and I was really scared at first that they were going to hurt my face and I would find myself back in square one, but to my delight, every single one of the ones I've tried is great! (With the exception of the Rhassoul & Yoghurt soap which gave me tiny pimples which went away in a day - still, a far cry from inflamed, painful bumps all over my skin, or skin so dry it would bleed when I smiled!!)

I love every single soap I've tried, and I'm still working through my samples, even though I gave a bunch of them away for the winter holidays because I was so excited about them. My favourites for the face are the super-fatted ones - the Honey Butter soap is soooo creamy and moisturising (and smells delicious), as is the Olive &Shea soap. I loved the Avocado Oats and Shea soap but after the bar wore down a bit, the oats scratched my skin a bit if used directly on my face. It makes such a lovely body soap, that I didn't even need moisturiser after my shower! This never happens to me. The Seabuckthorn & Tea Tree Oil and the Aloe, Aloe, Aloe soaps are wonderful when my skin is acting up - they're soothing and treat the troubled spots without being drying, and while I wasn't too thrilled with their smell before, now I absolutely love them, because I associate them with comfort now. I keep the soaps I'm not using with my clothes, and it makes me happy to put on a shirt and smell the seabuckthorn soap.

On my last order I got the Creamy Shea Butter lip balm to try out and I'm enjoying it a lot. A few days ago my cheekbone had a bit of skin scraped off and it looked like it would scab over, so after washing my face I smeared some of the shea lip balm over it and went to bed hoping for the best. And viola, in the morning, the skin was still raw and you could definitely see the wound, but the skin there wasn't scar-like, scabbed over, or that painful stetchy way you get in old scars, which is what I was expecting. Before discovering your company, I would have never even thought of putting something that wasn't explicitly marketed for facial skin on my face. Chagrin Valley rocks! I have taken up enough of your time, but thank you so much again.

You might want to include somewhere on your site that you should give your skin/hair some time after switching to natural soaps before deciding to give up on them, just in case there are other people with odd skin problems. Ida, thanks so much for formulating and selling these soaps - please please never stop making them, you have a customer for life in me! And thanks to the Chagrin Valley family for helping things run so smoothly - I placed an order over the weekend, and it shipped today at noon! I'm so excited to get it so I can try everything out. :) Best,   Gabriela, Virginia

Ida, I made the mistake of ordering some handmade soap from another company.... I have used nothing but your soaps on my hair and skin since May and thought it wouldn't hurt to try out some other company's, I was so WRONG! I refuse to even bring these new soaps into my house and I have them stored in my garage. When I opened the box I almost fainted from the smell (perfume), very irritating and nauseating. My husband was upset that I had strayed from our (soap lady) as he likes to call you! I have learned my lesson, and wanted to thank you for making such gentle, natural products that myself, my family and even some of my neighbors LOVE! Thanks so much! Wendy, New York

Chagrin Valley Soaps are the ONLY soap products I will use, period! Here is my story...A few months ago I had sores all over my body and scalp. The doctors could find no reason for the sores and NOTHING they prescribed was helping. One of the nurses in the dermatologist office gave me a note paper with Chagrin Valley information on it. Needless to say, I went home and immediately started to investigate and indeed order my first order! After some trail and error in finding the right soaps for me, by golly, I think I got it ! Turns out, I cannot use the shampoo bars for some reason. Makes my scalp itchy. BUT, I can use the soap bars!

Here are my "go to" soaps: CASTILE AND CALENDULA--I use this as my shampoo. LOVE IT! My scalp is so soothed and hair is so clean with super shine and lots of bounce! SHEA ROSE COMPEXION SOAP--Leaves my face super clean, yet super soft. All of my clogged pores and acne are GONE!! I have had several people comment on how nice my complexion is. WOW! COCONUT CREAM AND SHEA--I use this as a body soap and my skin is soft, clean and feels like it can breathe. Love the lather! NO MORE SORES, ANYWHERE on my body. !!! THANK YOU IDA and family!!Because of your quality products, I have my life back. My skin has completely recovered and looks radiant. Cynthia, Texas

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your natural soaps. I found out about your website while watching a YouTube video on hair care for natural, curly, African-American hair. Although somewhat skeptical at first, I decided to give your products a chance. I placed my first order in June and was pleasantly surprised with the results! I used the Rhassoul Clay & Yogurt bar on my face at night. I have oily, acne-prone skin and it helped some, but didn't do much to control the oil. I have since tried the Rhassoul bar on my body and it is great! My skin is so smooth and's like a spa treatment everytime I shower (lol). I tried your Grapeseed Tomato Shea soap on my face as well and it is unbelievable! I have been using it at night almost every night and I have seen a marked difference in my skin. For beginners, my skin is much softer. Its texture is refined and the blackhead issue that I had on my nose is nearly non-existent!! The soap has also helped to control my acne breakouts and oil production. Lastly, I tried your Honey Butter soap on my hair. I did not know that my hair could feel that clean AND soft after cleansing! Your Avocado Shea soap is incredibly moisturizing for my hair as well. I just recently placed another order...I'm still testing out different soaps to see which ones I can add to my favorites (hair & body) that I've mentioned in this e-mail. Thank you for commitment to making quality, natural products; you have gained another faithful customer. Yushika, Florida

I was a soapmaker for over 30 years. While my children were growing up I used to make natural soap and sell at local craft shows, festivals and farmers markets. There were not many making all natural soap back then. I liked researching ingredients and inventing recipes and it gave me chance to make money, get out and talk with many lovely people and most important stay home with my boys. A few years ago I developed a neuromuscular problem and since no one in my family ever learned the trade I was forced to start shopping. I had tried so many natural soaps but I was totally spoiled by my own soap and then I found your website. I almost didn’t buy your soaps because of the price. It was not that they were too expensive, I thought they were too cheap. The ingredients you use are INCREDIBLE. There is nothing out there that compares. The base oils you use and all of the extras you add are expensive and I also know how much time it takes to make specialty soaps with vegetables, yogurt, infused oils and much more. These are time intensive recipes with wholesome ingredients that you sell at the same price or less than the simple soaps made by other companies. You know how they say when something seems too good to be true it usually is too good to be true, well I thought there must be something wrong with these soaps but being a curious soul I decided to give them a try.

As one professional to another you are a creative genius. It is obvious that this is not just a craft for you. So many soap companies are about sight and smell. Their soaps look pretty and smell nice but nothing more. You are a teacher and a healer. After six months I have converted my entire family. We have spent hours learning from your website and when we all get together there is always some conversation about the new Chagrin Valley soap that someone has tried. And not only the soaps, I think that we now use just about every product that you make. Between my siblings, kids and grandkids your products have cured dry skin, eczema, rosacea, acne, cracked lips, dandruff and I could go on and on. I can’t say enough they are a joy to use. I do hope your customers appreciate the exceptional quality of the products you create at a VERY affordable price. I know we do! From my family to yours God bless you all. PS Your mama is beautiful. Treasure her. What a blessing she must be to you all! Kimberly,California

Hi Ida, Just wanted to be yet another high-five to you and your products! I've already passed along your link to everyone. I have to say, I received my order only this week and I already see the results of everything I've used in just a few days. I purchased:

  • nettle shampoo bar - noticed a difference in my dry scalp in ONE use. So I can imagine how great it works after prolonged use!
  • rosemary mint shampoo bar - didn't try this one yet, as I'm trying out the nettle one for a little while first, but I expect it will work as advertised :) It certainly smells lovely!
  • butter bar conditioner - I have straight, fine hair that is super long (down to my rear end!). I was still able to de-tangle it after using this!
  • goldenseal myrrh and St. John's wort salves - as one other reviewer mentioned, replacing neosporin w/ the goldenseal salve works faster and better. I have a boo-boo right now that noticeably cleared up in just the TWO DAYS I've been applying it, and the neosporin wasn't working that great for me either! And the St. John's Wort has helped the eczema on my hand just as much as my Rx ointment, and is actually more soothing. Looking forward to seeing the results of prolonged use of this too.
  • whipped shea body butter - I can't even gush enough over this. I've been addicted to body butter forever, and used to get mine from the Body Shop (which is a 6 on the hazard scale if you check Skin Deep for its ingredient reviews, ack!) but even the more advertised-as-natural-ingredient commercial body butters (I'd been using one by Alba) still have a few bad ingredients in them, as it turns out. I love that this butter gave me even better results with no chemicals; I have been DYING to find a chemical-free version!! Thank you for this!! And, I love the lemon almond scent. I want to try the cocoa butter one next.
  • face/ eye mousse - again, same comments as the body butter above, but for my face. Worked better than the commercial "organic" products I'd been using which, again, had a few bad ingredients in them. I am prone to dark circles and this helps a LOT. I also have combination skin and this seems to help even it out overall.
  • organic coconut cream soap - loved the lather on this! When you're used to using shower gels (as I have been) switching back to bar soap versions have usually left me feeling dried out. This was the first bar soap I've used in a long time, and it didn't dry my skin at all.
  • three butter lotion bar - I threw away my mini Kiss My Face lotion after receiving this. It smells good enough to eat, and I am a sucker for yummy-scented products; fruity and vanilla and cocoa as opposed to floral. I received my package from you at work, and my coworker who sits next to me was laughing at me because every time she turned around, I was reapplying it. Needless to say, I sent her the link too :)

Anyway, great job!! Looking forward to trying out more of your products; I think I'll be placing another order soon for some of the things I hadn't tried yet. I'm curious to try the face wash, the sugar scrub, and lip balms too. Brittany, New York

Hi Ida and crew, I've been meaning to write a testimonial since 2006! I'm usually not such a procrastinator:)

I was introduced to Chagrin Valley body and shampoo bars in the summer of 2006. I read all the testimonials to see if there were certain ones I should use for my hair hair is very fine and thin, and used to just stick to my head and get greasy by the end of the day. I couldn't believe the difference in my hair after just one use. It definitely felt odd while I was washing (but I knew that was going to occur after reading tips on the site---thanks Ida!), but my hair rinsed squeaky clean...I also read the note about making sure to rinse well, so no residue is left. Once my hair dried it had so much more wasn't curly (my hair won't even do that with a curling iron), but it wasn't so baby soft and fly away. It actually was able to get a little tangley, which my hair has never done before. I also noticed the lack of grease and my hair looked better when I left it down.

After about 2 months or so of using both body and shampoo bars on my hair, I went to help my mom purchase reading glasses. As I was looking in the magnified mirror at frames, I noticed hair that was about an inch long sticking straight up at the top of my forehead...I do not have bangs and haven't for some time. I was mortified and wondered when I had had scissors near my head and why I didn't remember cutting it:) Then it dawned on me...I had been using Herb Garden for a while (this soap was created by Ida for a customer who wanted to stimulate hair growth...correct me if I'm wrong Ida, I thought I read that somewhere). When I was in the 3rd grade I got a round brush stuck in my hair at the very top of my forehead b/c I had no idea how to use a brush like that and thought maybe it would make it curly...grass is always greener:) Needless to say some of my hair had to get pulled out to get the brush out. I didn't look bald and never thought about it again...those follicles had died from the trauma and Ida's soaps filled with wonderful herbs (nettles, rosemary, and chamomile in particular I believe) had stimulated those dead follicles! I've never gone back to liquid retail shampoo and I now use a vinegar rinse on my hair for conditioner.  Thanks Chagrin Valley Soap!! Steph, Ohio

I am writing because I am completely amazed with your products. I had an acne problem that wouldn't go away. When I used the treatment my dermatologist gave me I began to peel and shed my skin, it was embarrassing. I thought I would go natural and use a Lush soap that was highly recommended by the sales lady in Lush. I tried it for two weeks and nothing changed but I decided to continue to use it so that I can finish the bar. I continued using that soap until just last week my husband jokingly said my acne "looks like the warts on a frog!" He was playing but I was very offended so I decided to take action. That very day I ordered the Dead Sea Spa soap and the Neem and Tea Tree soap.

My order arrived within a few days and I began using it as soon as I got it. I rinsed both soaps and stacked them then let them sit overnight to dry. In the morning the two soaps were stuck together so I can use them as one big bar. I have developed a routine: I wash once to remove dirt and makeup then I lather real good and massage the soap lather onto my face for 60 seconds nonstop. I do this in the morning then again at night. I rinse with very warm water so that my pores open up before I wash. Then I rub a very light layer of Mango Multi butter on my face to seal in moisture. Today is my fourth day doing this and I swear to everything I love that I don't have one pimple left on me anymore. My face is smoother than a baby's bottom!!!! I NEVER thought I would get results this fast. I am so grateful for your products. This is way better than the dermatologist treatments, the pharmacy treatments, and TV offers. The best part is the price! The soaps are affordable and they last soooo long. Thank you. Arlene, New York

WOW! I know seems silly to start off with, but I just received my order of your shampoo and body soaps yesterday, and like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning I COULD NOT WAIT to take a shower last night to try some of them out on myself and my 2 year old son. First off, let me say the size of the bars is WONDERFUL! I was not blessed with little hands, so the larger bars are fantastic for me! As for my son, he thought that they were the neatest thing he's ever seen he immediately started rubbing himself down with the Goat Milk and Honey bar - almost like he instinctively knew that this was good for his skin! He held onto the soap like his life depended on it - ha! I had to negotiate with him to get it out of his hands to continue his bath!

Then came the Carrot Milk and Honey shampoo bar - and WOW! It lathers incredibly, washes out so nicely, but most of all didn't irritate him whatsoever! After drying him off I could NOT believe how soft his skin was and his hair also!!! He's been battling dryness since birth and I have tried relentlessly to find something - anything - to help alleviate the tightness and dryness for him - well, I found it!!

To top it off I also ordered to whipped shea butter and decided to give it a whirl on him - and holy cow, FANTABULOUS is all I have to say! It melts so dreamy with the warmth of your skin, and left him smelling AMAZING and most importantly moisturized! The cutest thing that prompted this email was as I was applying the shea butter onto him, he kept saying "momma, cream so nice" - he has never uttered those words after I've applied lotion to him after a bath - NEVER!

Then it was my turn to try all these treats out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the shampoo bars lather and cleaned my hair - I colour my hair, yet after using the shampoo bar my hair has never felt softer and more manageable (Ha - I sound like a commercial!). The soap bars are to die for! I came out of the shower without any tightness or dryness - I actually felt comfortable in my skin! I then tried the whipped shea butter in the Earth Blend scent - OMG! Heavenllllyyy! I LOVE the smell! So clean yet grounding, if that makes sense? I decided to use it not only on my dry patches, but my face as well, and funny thing, my husband thought I had bought a new perfume and was raving about it! That being said it's not super smelly, so no worries to those reading this that someone can smell you from a mile away, you can't - it's more that when the scent warms to your skin, it's a smell like nothing I've experienced, subtle yet still there -yummy!!! Anyway, I had to share my story with you, and thank you for making a product that it not only good for the hair and skin, but good for children! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making these wonderful products! A new and now loyal lifer to Chagrin Valley! Christine, Canada

My wife and I love your soap. The aloe is my favorite and my wife’s is the sweet basil and the sea salt. The whipped cocoa butter is awesome, it’s really great for sunburns. Going to try the whipped shea butter this time. We both just can’t believe that we have been using that store bought junk soap all this time. Thank goodness for the internet!!!!!! Keep up the great work everyone!!!! Keith, Mississippi

Hello, I want to tell you about my teen daughter's experience with your Butter Cream Face Wash. For a long time now, she has had problems with her face breaking out with acne and rashes. She seemed to be allergic to every face wash in the world. We were beginning to wonder how to keep her face clean. She's been using your butter face wash for a couple of week now, and so far, she hasn't had a reaction to it. She loves it and her face is looking great.

I have been using your shampoo bar for about a month now, and my hair has never looked this good! The first week or two was a little rough while my hair was detoxing. During that time I had to wash it 3 times per shampoo, and on more frequent days because it seemed heavy and a bit oily. I was also trying different samples at the same time to begin to see what worked best. After shampooing I used a light vinegar rinse (a teaspoon or two of vinegar + a cup of water from the shower) and that seems to make a difference with our hard water. Now that the detox process is over, my hair is thicker and has more body than ever before. My hair is straight and honey blond (plus gray--highlighting takes care of that), and I've always had to use a lot of product (gel + hairspray) to get it to do anything. Now, I use nothing or a little aloe vera gel (from a tube, not from the plant) and maybe one spritz of hairspray if it is windy. The Chamomile & Citrus bar seems perfect for my hair. I have a lot of allergies and chemical sensitivities, and have no reaction at all to your shampoo bars. I do avoid the ones with wheat germ or oatmeal--easy to do since you post your ingredients on your website. Thanks for all you do! Camille, Tennessee

Hi Ida, I have been your loyal customer for the past three and a half years and I have been consistently impressed and satisfied with every purchase and order. I've recommended several people over the past years in the hopes that they too can enjoy the loveliest all natural soaps ever. I'd written a testimonial some years ago about your fabulous shampoo bars, but recently I've been ordering your lovely body soaps.

I recently had a severe psoriasis flare up on my arms and back accompanied by incessant itching and oozing from the sores. Doctors, naturopaths, homeopathy, a vegan diet, wheat germ oil, castor packs, topical cortisone--nothing worked. Several hundred dollars later, I turned to your site, and ordered Dead Sea Spa, Orange Creamsicle, Lemon Lavender, and Juniper Comfrey Mint. Let me tell you, I was so happy when the package arrived, I immediately jumped in the shower and bathed with the Dead Sea Spa. What a liberating experience, my skin could actually breathe again, and if it could speak it would have sure said "Thank You". It was the most refreshing experience ever, my skin was no longer itching, and the patches were less swollen. Juniper Comfrey Mint helped to lighten up some of the scarring and had an invigorating smell. Orange Creamsicle a true delight, I love how clean yet moisturized I feel after a shower, and most importanly, this soap helped the most with all the red patches and sores. One use with the soap and the redness was gone. Lemon Lavender, will be a staple soap as well, as it is wonderful at gently exfoliating and smells lightly of lemons.

In addition to the soaps, I ordered your heavenly whipped shea in the Lemond Almond scent. When you open the jar it smells like a piece of lemon pie, yum! As much as I loved the scent and light consistency, I have not been able to use this as it makes me very itchy. I was doing research and I read that people with psoriasis can have reactions to shea butter since it is known to accelerate the rate at which the skin heals and regenerates, and that is something that people with psoriasis could avoid since our skin cells produce at rapid rates. Nonetheless, it is still a fine product and I would high recommended it.

I recently placed another order with more of the Dead Sea Spa, Lemon Lavender and my new all time favorite soap--Cucumber Lime Yogurt! Where do I start--first, the smell, like Key Lime Pie. While showering, it has a delcious, creamy lather, it exfoliates my skin, and feel perfectly moisturized afterwards. I have 3c curls and typically use the Ayurveda shampoo bar, babassu marshmallow, olive babassu with good results. Since I was all out of shampoo bars, I decided to try the Cucumber Lime Yogurt to wash my scalp and hair--Oh My Goodness!!! My curls look Amazing! I got the best curl definition, clumping without major shrinkage, and an incredible sofness, moisture and shine. I was truly impressed and wonderfully surprised! I now have been using this as my body and shampoo bar and will continue to do so. I follow up with an acv rinse and have recently replaced the shower filter, so that really helps overall for skin health as well. Ida, I just wanted to thank you again for making such amazing products and always providing the best customer service. Your soaps have really helped my skin heal. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication. As I've said once before, you are truly the soap maker from heaven :) I wish you much continued success. Many Blessings! Jennifer, Massachusetts

I am becoming so addicted to your products. I cannot believe after all these years and thousands of dollars later I have finally found products that have helped me so much with my skin problems, mostly acne, dullness, aging and just awful looking skin in general! My skin has never looked better. I've been using different samples for about a month now. There are so many skin problems that people suffer from and NOTHING out there on the market addresses so many issues at the same time but your products do and they do it without irritating the skin. Normally everything irritates my skin. From the bar soaps to the butter cream facial wash and on and on... I couldn't be more pleased.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the Whipped butters - I could bathe in the lemon/almond scented one - the scent is WONDERFUL!! Not to mention for the first time in YEARS my elbows and heels are soft!! WOW!! That in itself is a miracle.

Most importantly the products work, the routine is simple - and they are SOOOOO reasonably priced. With all the skin care companies out there making billions of dollars on useless products that just irritate skin I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found your site. My search is finally over. From body products to face products I don't think anyone could possible beat the quality and price of your products. I also love that the products can be used on the body and the face! I would have never believed that was possible.

I have ordered many samples and my biggest problem now is what to order in full sizes because I love everything I've purchased!! I'll be ordering more samples and some full size products soon!!

Sorry for the long email I could go on and on and I've NEVER written to a company raving about their products - I'm just so thrilled to finally have found products that work!! Please always stay true to the quality of your products and how they are made it sets you apart from all the rest! Charlene, New York

Thank you so much for your response! I wasn't going to respond with this message....mainly because I know you guys must get tons of emails and I hated to bother you again. But....I really feel like I should share this one thing before I leave you alone!

I have been using your products for over a week now. Although I purchased everything for one reason, which was dry, itchy skin, there was a very HAPPY and unexpected side effect. This condition I have suffered with for 14 years, ever since I was sixteen years old. I have tried literally thousands of products and have never had much success and I have since quit trying and chalked it up to "that's life" and live with it. So I have to admit, when I first started using your products, this condition never even crossed my mind because I have been so deep in the mindset that it would never go away or be "cured" or healed.

The condition is called Keratosis Pilaris. KP for short and effects so many people it is almost considered "common". I first thought it was "acne" all those years ago when I first got it. It comes on the backs of my arms, the backs of my thighs and the buttocks region as well. Some people get it in many other places. I am sure you guys have heard of are probably "skin condition" geniuses at this point! Anyway, for anyone who doesn't is basically a very complex "dry-skin" condition. Something called "keratin" actually clogs each pore and shows on the surface of the skin as bumps, red or flesh-colored. The condition is also known as "chicken skin". But this keratin is super-hard and almost impossible to get rid of with the usual exfoliation that you would normally think about. I cannot tell you how many products I have bought and how many KP forums I have been in online hoping that someone else suffering from it would somehow find a magical cure. I have bought KP Duty from Dermadoctor.......which costs about 36 bucks for four ounces and going by their recommendations, I would use all four ounces in a week!!!.......I have bought countless bottles of AmLactin at the drugstore......Kiehl's Creme de Corps, because I read about it on a forum before, 70 bucks for a liter bottle.......Eucerin, name it, I have tried it. Intense, rough exfoliation.....peels......everything. Sometimes, the bumps would lessen....but never enough to make the procedure worth it.

Let me just tell you......I am blown away and absolutely, literally almost speechless.....when I saw what was happening from using your products. I started using the Castile and Calendula soap in the shower. I would just rub the bar over my skin every other day......and the other days I would use my loofah for a little extra exfoliation with the Castile soap. I would then use the butter bar in the shower while the water is still running because it seems to help the bar "melt" better. I would rub it only on the backs of my arms and elbows at first.....but for some reason I started using the butter bar in the other KP regions on my body as well. Then.....out of the shower.....I would use just a little bit of the whipped shea (I got the lemon almond, by the way, which smells fabulous!!) in the KP regions. Honestly......I really wasn't expecting anything different from everything else I had ever tried....because like I said, I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on some products and they didn't even help!!! It has barely been over a week and I have never seen the skin on my body, in those particular areas, look that smooth. Ever. There are still a few of the KP "bumps" but never has anything else gotten rid of SO MUCH of it like this has!! And I have a feeling with continued use, it will continue to I said, I have had this condition for over 14 years! When I first noticed....I literally cried. My husband thought I was going insane.....but it is just impossible to explain how good it feels to finally make an improvement in an area you have been fighting for that long.

I am going to talk about this on every single KP forum that I have ever been on.......I would even be willing to STOP using the products for about a week and let it all come back....just so that I can take some before and after photos (decent ones of course! ) so that I can prove this to other KP people. I am sure many of them are at the point of having to "prove" before they buy.....just like I was! I cannot explain how much I am so glad I found Chagrin Valley. I am actually paranoid now......I keep thinking that Chagrin Valley is going to go away or something! I am sorry if this seems over-dramatic......I really just cannot thank you all enough! Audrey, South Carolina

Dear Ida I am also one of those that just stumbled upon your website when looking for another. I am going through some medical issues currently and had a doctor suggest that I go chemical free on my skin and hair care products. I wanted you to know that I ordered your shampoo bar and lotion bar and am in love. I absolutely love the shampoo bar and I am so glad you had a comment in there about at least giving it a week to work. I used it for three days and I couldn't stand it but kept using it and after about 5 days I fell in love! Now my husband is using it too! Thanks for making such a great product! Enza, Maryland

I'm addicted to your products! They are absolutely the best soaps, creams and lotions I have ever tried! Thank you!!! Yvonne, California

Dear Ida, I wanted to add to the long list of testimonials from very satisfied customers. Last year I was diagnosed with skin cancer, and although treatment went well, during the process my skin became very sensitive. Not just sensitive to bandages, but also to cosmetics, perfumes, soaps, and moisturizers. Using my regular shampoo caused my scalp and forehead to break out in a rash, and even form welts. I started reading labels much more closely and realized there were a lot of “excess” things in the products I was using that I probably didn’t need (or want). I was lucky enough to run across your website and found several soaps and shampoo bars that kept my skin calm and clean. My go-to soap bars while my skin was healing were Castile Calendula for everyday use and Goat Milk Honey & Oatmeal for shampooing and deeper cleansing. Thanks to your sample bars, I have many new favorite soaps and am especially enamored with all of the body and shine my hair gets from Ayurvedic Herb, Babassu and Marsh Mallow, Extra Honey Beer & Egg, Herb Garden, and Olive Babassu shampoo bars. Thank-you for offering products that I feel good about using each and every day. Lesley, Oregon

Dear Ida, I just had to send you an email to tell you how much I love your products. I first discovered them a few years ago when I discovered solid shampoo bars, and was looking for ones without sodium lauryl sulfate and added chemicals (and ones that weren't as expensive). I admit I went back and forth between using them and store-bought bottle shampoos for awhile, as I wasn't completely convinced that they were for me. However, I wasn't about to give up and continued to order as many samples as possible to find one that cleaned my fine, wavy hair without leaving it frizzy.

Today, I am hooked on your products and the few times I've had to go back to regular shampoos and conditioners, my hair has been a disaster. I found that many of your regular soap bars - not the shampoo bars - actually work best on my hair! I've gone through quite a bit of the different kinds and still have a few more to try - so far I love the Cucumber Lime Yogurt, Juniper Comfrey Mint, and the Lemon Lavender, but the absolute best one for me was the Coconut Cream Shea soap. My hair has never looked better, and I don't need conditioner anymore. (I do also love the Extra Honey Beer and Egg, Ayurvedic Herb, and the Nettle Shampoo Bars as well.)

I also added your Lemon Almond Shea Butter and Squalane Face and Eye Mousse in my last order, and I can't live without them. The Shea Butter is fantastic on my hands during the winter (I think I am addicted to the Lemon Almond smell) and the Squalane is the only thing I've been able to use on my super-sensitive face without any kind of rash or breakout. I've even used it on burn marks - new and old - and it has faded them significantly. (My skin is very pale, so scars are usually visible and take quite a long time to fade. I will definitely be ordering these again and again. Next on my list to try are your sugar scrubs and lip butter balms!

Please do not ever stop making your products! You have a customer for life. Lyndsey, New York

Dear Ida, Just a short note to let you know how much I love your shampoo bars. They are simply wonderful and my hair feels and looks so much better for using them. I wish I had discovered them earlier.

I have medium-length naturally curly hair which needed washing every other day with my old commercial shampoo. Describing my type of hair to try to find the most suitable shampoo bar to replace the chemicals was something of a problem since on the first day after washing it would often look dry but by the end of the second day it was quite oily. So, following your advice of trying a few different samples, I decided the answer really was to order a variety of bars and experiment! I opted for : Honey, Beer & Egg; Café Moreno, Mud & Clay, Lavender Spice and Nettle. I was so excited when the parcel arrived - and amazed it had stayed intact as it smelt so delicious I was surprised our postlady hadn't already opened it!!

I find it difficult to say which bar I like the best as they all seem to work well for my hair type - they lather incredibly well (in fact, much more than I've ever experienced) and smell divine. I alternate between them and enjoy picking one out to match my mood. In fact, I now actually find myself looking forward to washing my hair whereas I previously found it a chore. Perhaps that's partly due to the fact that with your fabulous shampoo bars I find I can now go for four or even five days between washes. I also find I shed less hair in the shower (previously it seemed to come out by the handful - probably a result of the harsh chemicals) and my hair is now completely tangle-free. Furthermore, it also dries incredibly quickly (I have always let it dry naturally; I never use a hairdryer as I don't believe these are good for your hair) - in just a fraction of the time it used to take to dry when using my old commercial shampoo - yet doesn't look dried-out or brittle.

When I first made the switch to your shampoo bars I must admit that I couldn't help stroking my hair after washing as it had never been so glossy and shiny - however, after 3 months of use I've now grown completely accustomed to such luxury (!!) so I've been able to break the habit. Please, please, please keep making these wonderful products. I will definitely be re-ordering from you at some point but it might not be until next year as I barely seem to have made an impression on the generously-sized bars. Rachel, France

Hello Ida! *I just wanted to share* I want to thank you for making sure wonderful shampoo bars! They are a true indulgence!!! I have tried a couple of your bars and enjoyed them all...but my favorite is the new Buttery Conditioner Shampoo bar! I have thick, curly, African American hair and when I use this shampoo bar, my hair is so easy to detangle...I mean it really really detangles!!! (It also works wonders on my daughter's hair which is extremely difficult to detangle.) It also seems to improve the condition of my hair every time I use it. AND I don't need conditioner or any leave in products in my hair since I've been using your shampoo bars! Runner up is the Ayvuredic Shampoo bar. It has a good slip, detangles and I enjoy the scent too! I use the Coconut Milk Shampoo bar as a deep cleanser. It gets my hair and scalp thoroughly clean. The Babassu & Marshmallow Shampoo bar is excellent for defining my curls (I've learned that marshmallow root helps your natural curls to tighten as your hair dries). I have also enjoyed the Carrot Milk and Honey Shampoo bar too.

I am now trying the Aloe, Aloe, Aloe Soap bar on my face. So far so good. I purchased the Citrus Woods Green Tea Soap bar for my hubby and we both enjoy it (I enjoy the scent on him). :-) This soap bar also adds a pleasant scent to the bathroom. I hope you continue to make these wonderful soap and shampoo bars because they have worked wonders for me and my family. Shanita, Maryland

Hi, I have been hooked on everything you make for the past 5 months. This is truly a great product line and I am thrilled that I found you on the web. My wife and I love all of your products and my kids are getting hooked on them to. We started out with a sample of shampoo and we liked it so much we are now using a whole group of your products. We have sampled various soaps, shampoos, butters, lotions, and creams and we have settled on what works for us. You have customers for life. Your company is super and I truly love talking to Sam. Thanks again. Mike, Michigan

Hi! I just want to let you know I love your soaps, lotions, et cetera. I have become hooked. I started ordering from you January of 2009. In July of that year, our house burnt down. I lost all my supply:( I had to buy commercial products until I was able to order again. I had no idea the difference between your soaps and commercial soaps until I went from yours back to commercial. I will never go back! I still have leftover soap bars and lotion in my bathroom. My favorites of yours is lemon lavender, the face and eye cream, and cocoa butter. You have earned a very loyal customer. Keep it up! Julia, Florida

Thank you for your wonderful products! I was searching for replacements for the Lush products I’ve used for years (declining quality & it’s now 3+ weeks to get orders) and placed orders at several online handmade soap, shampoos & lotions sources. Your solid shampoos are outstanding and you’re right, I don’t need conditioners anymore! Big, big fan of your shampoos and the whipped shea butter & eye & face mousse. Thank you—you have a new devotee of your products. Mary, Arkansas

Hi Ida, I just wanted to send a quick email asking you NEVER to stop making your soap bars! I will never, never, never buy any soap from the store again. The avocado oats and Shea soap was my favorite, then I ordered a sample of the winter survival soap. OMG that is so great for the cold weather! I've been alternating between the 2 soaps. I am also pregnant and have a very itchy belly. The only thing that helps keep the itch away is your Shea butter. I use it on my belly and lower legs. Thank goodness for it! Thank you so much for putting all this time, effort, and love into your products! Tina, Connecticut

I wanted to drop you a note letting you know how pleased I am with your products! I have very dry, itchy, tight skin that frequently is red, raw and bleeding. Being allergic to so many things, chemicals are my enemy. I found a thread about your shampoo bars on the website where I purchase my makeup, I am so thankful that I did, as the change in my skin and hair is so dramatic it never ceases to amaze me.

I use the following products: Ayurvedic Herb and Herb Garden shampoo bars - I alternate my use of these bars, weekly or so. They are amazing on my thinning, fine & almost non-existent hair. I have never had more body, volume or shine and my hair looks fantastic. My hair used to be a great source of embarrassment too me, not any more. Squalane Eye & Face Mousse AND Grapeseed Shea complexion soap - LOVE them! My face is soft, clean and moisturized; there is no itching or tightness. Winter Survival, Aloe, Aloe, Aloe or Goat Milk Honey and Oatmeal soap - Depending on the season I use one of these body soaps....and I have no more split, dry, itchy skin. I am so thankful to not be constantly scratching my legs and hands. Whipped Shea and Whipped Cocoa Butter - I was not able to decide which of these to purchase, so I bought them both and I am glad I did, they are wonderful! We have no other lotion or moisturizers in my house. These are amazing.

Not only have these products helped me, but they have worked wonders on my husband. He for over 10 years has had strange patches of dry, raised, red skin on his face and head. These patches come and go, however are quite bad at the change of each season. To say we have tried everything to get rid of these patches would be an understatement, nothing helped these patches dissipate or prevent them from coming in the first place. Shortly after using your products my husbands patches disappeared and did not return. We are not sure product is the miracle cure but we are so blessed to have relief from these skin problems. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

Please take care and know that you are in my families thoughts and prayers. Elizabeth, New York

Hi, I have been using your natural soaps for about a year now. I buy the shampoo soaps because I wanted the ease of a shampoo bar rather than numerous bottles in my shower. My hair is the softest, silkiest it's ever been! I don't use any type of conditioner or detangler any more. I've been using Olive Oil and Babassu, Neem and TeaTree , and most recently fell in love with Cafe Moreno after trying a sample. I am going "natural" and I have type 2b hair and am African American. It's wonderful. By the way, the Neem and Tea Tree has been taken over by my husband. He has very dry skin and had an itchy patch on his side. It has stopped itching since using the soap and he uses it all the time now. Thank you for your wonderful products! Trish, Colorado

Dear Ida, I just tried my very first shampoo bar 2 days ago and I have to say, I love it. I have always had really really thick hair but 2 years ago, it inexplicably began to shed a bit more and my scalp felt very itchy. Now, I am a med student, so I diligently went to every doctor I could find, hoping to find a reason. Though the shedding eventually stopped, the itch has never gone away (and it is so annoying!) That is, until now. After using the mud and clay shampoo bar, my head already feels so much better. I was concerned that it would be difficult to use the bar since I have thick hair, but I had no problems working it into a lather. I also like knowing that I am not putting any harsh chemicals on my head and as an added bonus, I can actually take shampoo on the plane with me! When I went home for Christmas break I took my mud and clay sample with me and I had plenty of shampoo for a whole week. Usually, I can barely fit enough shampoo into the little carry-on bottles to get through one wash.

I swear, I am not using regular shampoo ever again. Please, don't ever stop making your shampoo bars! Jo, New York

Hello Ida! I just felt, after having tried nearly every one of your soap bars, I should chime in on a testimonial!!

I absolutely love your soap bars---I don't know what I would do without them now. I love getting to use an all natural product, and I feel that I get every cent's worth from them. For one, I adore the scents that your soaps are featured in. The Chocolate Almond is an almond-lover's dream: it's a wonderful amaretto scent that's sure to impress any customer. Also, the Cucumber Lime Yogurt soap is delightfully fresh and clean smelling, a scent I'm sure could appeal to anyone. As far as herbal scents are concerned, I'm certain that your Herbal Mist, Patchouli Herb, Peppermint Twist, and Scarborough Fair soap could appeal to a wide range of people.

I believe that the all-natural ingredients in your soap make a difference. I think that the wholesomeness of your products keep my hair happier. This is probably due to the absence of harsh chemicals that are present in normal commercial products and the careful orchestration of ingredients that goes into each and every bar of soap. Additionally, I definitely notice the fact that my hair no longer seems to have excess buildup of product, which stems from the fact that your soaps leave little, if any, residue on the hair. I find this results in healthier, bouncier hair that seems to grow faster than it used to with commercial products.

Also, your lip balms are excellent. The individual containers of lip balm seem small, but because of their surprising effectiveness each one lasts a long time. I really adore your Mocha Java lip balm especially, as it is both very moisturizing and deliciously scented.

I will be a devoted customer for as long as you make your products, which I hope will be for many many years to come!!! Emily, California

Dear Ida, I'm writing to let you know that you are truly the soap maker from heaven and I hope that you never stop creating your wonderful soaps. I've battled scalp psoriasis for over 10 years ranging from mild lesions to severe flare-ups with blood during the winter. I was lucky enough to find a review of your soaps on you tube and decided to give one more thing a try. I'd exhaustedly expended energy, time, and money trying to find a solution to the problem without much hope. In addition, I was given cortisone which only exacerbated the problem. I have 3c/4a tightly coiled, voluminous curls, so based on the other reviews, I decided to try your olive and babassu, babassu and marshmallow shampoo bars. I even invested in a shower filter and a nice bottle of raw apple cider vinegar. With consistent use, not only did my scalp clear up but my curls were thick, lustrous, and stronger than ever.

After finishing the bars I made the mistake of purchasing an "organic" liquid shampoo at Whole Foods and my scalp was worse than ever. I returned the product and placed an order and this time got samples of the coconut and rosemary, lavender aloe shampoo bar. These are my two new loves! I especially love the coconut shampoo as it keeps both my scalp clear, and my curls shiny. I wished I would've known how great they were going to be-- I'm sad that I didn't get a full bar! The coconut shampoo bar is simply perfect. I also purchased your new ayurvedic shampoo bar which I am so excited to try. My advice to anyone considering purchasing any soaps, go ahead and do so, you will not regret. Ida is extremely warm and knowledgeable and provides customer service that is hard to come by these days.

Quiet meditation, love, positive thoughts, and Ida's soaps is all I will ever need.

Thank you Ida. Many Blessings! Jennifer, Massachusetts

I just want to let you guys know how happy I am to have found your products. I've put my hair through a lot this year, and I cannot believe how great it feels using your shampoo bars. I'm actually really excited to shampoo my hair and I'm really in love with the shampoos that I've purchased. I feel like the adjustment period was more of a learning curve for me, the first few days I wasn't getting a good lather (which I later realized was because I cut the sample bars too small) and my hair felt like I had put product in it even with the vinegar rinse.. this actually wasn't a bad thing because my hair miraculously held curls like never before! After I got a good lather and presumably washed all of the silicones out of my hair (which ended up being in ALL of my shampoos and conditioners), I was really, really impressed with the bars. The other day when I used the olive babassu bar, initially my hair felt a little oily, but later in the day after I brushed it when it was dry, I felt like I had hair straight out of a Pantene Pro-V commercial.. awesome!!

As for the body/facial soaps.. also very impressed! The honey butter soap is AMAZING.. I'm currently using this cleanser (it's more of a butter bar) from LUSH as a makeup remover and rinsing everything off with the honey butter soap.

I bought the cocoa shea shower body butter bar since the ingredients are essentially the same without all of the unneeded junk.. and what a price difference! 3 dollars extra from you guys to get more than double the LUSH bar. And as for all of the other soap bars.. they really are huge! There's a local vendor here in Texas that makes all natural bars that are 4 ounces that sell for $6.00 at most grocery stores that carry them.. this goes for most other soaps I've seen as well… about the same price for much less of the bar.

At first I wasn't thinking that your soaps would be moisturizing enough for me skin, but it turns out they work great. The feeling is a bit different because it does leave a sort of squeakiness BUT I haven't seen the skin on my hands drying out as much as they usually do when the dryer weather comes around and I start washing my hands a lot more. Same thing goes for my face.. which leads me to the last item I wanted to talk about.. the Squalane facial mousse!! This stuff is fabulous.. and I was pretty amazed at how much you get for five bucks and some change.. when I first picked it up it was REALLY light and I thought "man, this doesn't seem like very much" until I opened it and took out some of the mousse and felt how absolutely rich it was.. I've been using it for a few days not and haven't noticed any clogging on my acne-prone skin.. my skin actually feels great! Not dry, not too oily…just a normal level of moisture (which I love). Jennifer, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I think I've finally found "the" natural products company I've been searching for. So far I've only ordered your soaps, which are wonderful, and quite large in size compared to other natural companies I've bought from. I have been going natural/organic for about 2 years now, and I've done my "research". From your fantastic, "homey" website, to the reasonable prices, to the products themselves, this seems to be what I've been looking for. I've tried a LOT of other natural companies, some even USDA certified organic, and nothing quite compares to your company& products! I just ordered more soap and your new squalane whipped facial cream, and I'm anxiously awaiting for my goodies to come! Amy, Wisconsin

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your soaps. I feel incredibly lucky to have found your site! I am allergic to sodium laureth sulfate, so it is important that I, and everyone who lives with me, avoid most commercial shampoos and body washes. I ordered soap and shampoo bars for my entire family, and everyone loves them! We've pitched the other stuff and our bathroom is full of your wonderful products, and is allergy-free for me. Thanks again for all your hard work -- we really appreciate it! Kristen, New York

Dear Ida, I am Tram from Vietnam. I have sampled your soap and shampoo bars for a few months. They were a gift from my relative in US. Your products are amazing so I placed my first direct order on your website about three weeks ago and I have just got my package yesterday. I am so happy to receive my package without lost or big damage so I decided to share my review on your testimonials:

Among these soaps I have tried: Avocado Oats and Shea, Honey Butter, Chocolate Almond, Goat Milk Honey Oatmeal, Chocolate Orange, Carrot Honey. I love the Chocolate Orange soap the most (although the others are GREAT, too). Many people have raved about this soap and I am not an exception. The scent is divine, just like a piece of Orange cake so it's hard for me to keep myself not to taste it. And the most important thing is it makes my dried skin so smooth, no cracked skin on my legs anymore. Chocolate Orange is great for my face, too. Just clean, soft and so relaxing! I am so grateful that you made a new batch of this soap.

About the shampoo bars, I have tried Nettle and Rosemary Lavender Aloe and I feel the bars add more volume to my hair. But I am still on the way to find the most suitable poo bar for my dry and damaged hair because I have dreamed of the soft shiny hair.

Other products that I have tried: Mocha Java lip balm and the Whipped Shea Butter. The lip balm absorbs quickly but I have to reapply many times as I have badly chapped lips. And I have just tried the Shea Butter yesterday on my hair (dry ends) and my face. I have to say "It worked" although I do not like the Earth Blend scent as I expected.

Finally, I just want to say "Thank you for your dedicated work". And I am planning on my next order now. Wish you and your family all the best! Tram, Viet Nam

Dear Ida, I was turned onto your shampoo bars by the Long Hair Community, when I was looking for a natural, SLS-free shampoo that wouldn't cost my tiny college-student budget an arm and a leg. I'm still experimenting trying to find my favorite bars, but I've had nothing but great results from the ones I've used so far. My hair looks amazing and feels healthier than it ever has, and for the first time in ages it isn't dried-out and awful at the ends. Thanks to all the great information about hard water and vinegar rinses, I didn't even have a transition period - my hip length curly hair (not the most tractable hair type in the world) immediately went from 'meh' to looking and feeling great.

But I'm even more impressed with the results I've had from your soap bars! I ordered a few on a whim, after enjoying the shampoo bars so much, and I am absolutely blown away. I've been dealing with eczema for the last four years, and tried just about everything you could imagine short of peeling half my skin off, but I was still miserable. In less than a week of using your soap, my skin has improved so much I'm just mind-boggled. I haven't been able to stop raving about your products to everyone I know, and several family members and friends are already trying your bars on my recommendation. I know I'm not going to switch back to regular soap and body wash any time soon!

Thank you so much for making such amazing natural products! Zephra, New Mexico

Hello, I just wanted to add to your already lengthy list of compliments! I just ordered some items from you last week and have just placed my second order. I also got my mom to place an order with you and I've been raving to family and friends about your soaps!

First, I must say your soaps are really nice, the lather is unlike any I've ever had! The chocolate orange twist smells good enough to eat and lathers really well. And the dead sea spa left my skin feeling very smooth and silky.

Secondly, I am very excited to have found an alternative natural solution for shampoo with your shampoo bar, because I was getting very bored with baking soda, & vinegar! They (baking soda & vinegar) don't have any suds which as you know very well, we all can't help associating with feeling clean! And the vinegar smell gets tiring after a while. Plus I always felt like my scalp was never scrubbed enough. I have thick, dry hair so if it works well on my hair it will work on anyone's! So I'm happy that I can now use some suds and not just any suds really rich foamy conditioning suds! I still use some vinegar for extra conditioning and detangling but your shampoos really do what they say! Which is also a rarity in itself!

Thirdly your customer service has been fast, very helpful and friendly! I'm happy to support a business such as yours, especially in the times we are living in where corporations dominate everything and smaller businesses are suffering.

Thanks, Looking forward to my next order! Vinessa, New York

I am a college student in Milwaukee, and I am seriously impressed by the products you make and sell! I learned about your wonderful soap, shampoo, lotion, and lip balms in a rather strange place, on a fish forum! Needless to say, myself and few others ordered after hearing glowing reviews! We all posted pictures of our first orders as we got them, and none of us have anything negative to say! I am sure probably hear this a lot, but after using your soap and shampoo, I am never going back to commercial products again!

I am employed by the university I attend, and my employment has me outside for up to seven hours at a time (thankfully with a lot of warm up breaks in this weather!). The winter is never kind to my skin, and this one was worse than usual. Being outside so much meant the bitter winter wind just sucked moisture away! I was using liters of lotion and quarts of conditioner, but was only provided temporary relief. So after hearing about Chagrin Valley Soap, I decided to give it a try. I've never used such wonderful soap! The shampoo bars I got are absolutely amazing. And your lotion bars are the best, even after washing my hands several times with the nursing school's harsh soap, my hands still feel great. Before, I would have been scrambling for a tube of lotion right after washing. The lip balms are also amazing, so silky and they make my lips all smooth and moisturized. And the scents of everything is just amazing! My dorm smells great, since I don't leave soaps I haven't used yet tucked away in a drawer but instead on my desk. Many people go "Mmmm!" when they come in!

I will definitely be a regular customer from now on! The quality is beyond words! In a recent order I got two bars of the winter survival soap, and gave one to my boyfriend's mother (who is super crafty and even makes her own lotion bars), and I'll be giving a friend half of the lavender oatmeal spice soap bar I got. I think of it as spreading the joy! Thank you so much for providing such high quality and fabulous products! Stacy, Michigan

I just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoy your products. I have just received my whipped shea butter and the whipped cocoa butter. I can't stop touching my hands and face. They are so soft. You should have named them "heaven in a jar". That is exactly my first thoughts when I put it on. I also love the soaps I have received. The citrus and chamomile has given my hair the prettiest highlights. Thanks so much for making these wonderful products. You have definitely got a customer for life. Keep up the great work. Lori, Pennsylvania

Dear Ida: I wanted to let you know how much your soaps have changed my body, and my hair. I tried them years ago, and it didn't work out for me. However, after seeing great results from a hair forum, I decided to try again. The quality and results I got from your products are beyond words. I'll start with my hair, which has had the most dramatic results. Using the Mud and Clay bar saved my dry hair. In fact, it resolved tangles I get in the shower from another shampoo. It is so nourishing and even moisturizing. I love it, and I will always keep it in stock. My hair is 4a//4b, natural, afro hair, just as an FYI. I also rotate it with the Nettle, Rosemary Lavender Aloe, and I use the Chamomile and Citrus for clarifying every two weeks. I feel good about using the soaps on my hair, and I really enjoy the fact that they are eco-friendly. I am going to use Coconut Milk next and I can only anticipate the great results.

I used the Winter Survival Soap once, and bought more. It is a great soap and I know it will be my winter soap forever. My Dr. Bronner's has dust on it in the shower because it hasn't been used in so long. I rotate that one with Castile and Calendula (but I may use that one for spring, summer). I want to try Olive and Shea next.

As for my face, I use Neem and Tea Tree, and Rhassoul Yogurt. My face has done a complete 180 from what it was. I have T zone skin, which means really oily on my cheeks and nose, and dry everywhere else. The Neem and Tea Tree has knocked out 95% of my acne. I get an occasional bump on my forehead or nose, but that's it. The Rhassoul Yogurt I use as a spa treatment for my face and body. Love it. I just tried the Loofah Herb Garden, and my skin is so tight. It is a total keeper and I will use it at least once a week to keep my skin looking fresh and tight. Your products are not only recession friendly, they are environmental friendly. It is a win-win. Customer service has been nothing but exemplary. Nicole, New Jersey

Dear Ida and Howard: I am enjoying your soap so much - just finished ordering my third batch! I am so appreciative of your dedication and commitment to creating such high quality products. I feel truly blessed to have somehow been "led" to your website (which incidentally, is so attractive). I am new to using all natural soap and am so impressed with your products, not to mention your outstanding service, that I have no interest in browsing other websites nor buying from other companies. You have a customer for life! Do hope you have no immediate plans for retirement. Howard, your carved wine stoppers are gorgeous and I know they will play into my gift-giving in the future. Dee, Illinois

Dear Ida, I just wanted to let you know how much I love everything you make! Your shampoo bars are my hair's best friends now. Pumpkin Spice is the most wonderful soap I've ever used! It looks so delicious and I love the scent! My skin is happy with it, too. Yesterday I used Hemp Mango Mint lotion bar for my legs after shaving them. It's been 24 hours and I still feel the moisture on my legs! Amazing! I will never go back to commercial lotions. It's also the best hand cream I've ever tried. Oh and I'm totally hooked on the Mocha Java lip balm!

Your website is also so lovely that I come back there all the time! And with every visit I find something new I must try... :) So thank you for making such wonderful products! I really appreciate your work. Satu, Finland

Dear Ida, I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the amazing job that you do and the great soaps you provide. I've discovered your soaps last Spring and I've just been addicted. Actually my soap collection has grown so much and I cannot pick a favorite. My skin is very dry and I love how nourishing and gentle your soaps are, especially Chamomile and Calendula. The Rhassoul Clay face soap is one of my favorites and just gives me a beautiful glow.

Saving the best for last, the shampoo bars. I 've never used shampoo bars before and ordered a few samples on my first order. The samples sizes are generous and last a few washes. I have an afro and my hair is so dry and fragile. Olive Babassu, Honey Butter and Mud & Clay are my best friends. After using your shampoo bar, I don't even need a conditioner! I also never went back to liquid shampoo. I will always make sure to NEVER run out of your soaps! Amina, Indiana

I just received my third order from you. I thought you'd like to know that I've been conducting research on handmade natural soaps and have purchased products online from approximately 8-10 different companies. Your company ranks #1. Your company gets a 5 for exceptional among these categories: Best looking website, Moisture, Bar size, Scent, Quality of ingredients, Appearance, Lather-up factor is excellent, Price, Customer service. The lip balms are also the best I've tried. I plan to try all of your soaps, so there will be future orders. Thanks for your wonderful products. Lanette, Michigan

I've been using your products for a few months now - and I'm thrilled with the results! I had read that comfrey contains allantoin and is good for healing scars, so I've been using your juniper-comfrey-mint soap twice a day, and using the whipped shea butter with comfrey powder mixed in at night. My skin is now silky and satiny with absolutely no evidence of old acne scars. Heretofore, I had tried numerous natural remedies to smooth out old scars, but only your products did the trick. I will absolutely be using your products for life. Thank you for creating such a beautiful company with high quality healing products. Love and blessings! P.S. I am 50 years old, so the scars are not recent. Deborah, New York

I first want to start off by saying Thank You for making such wonderful Shampoo Bars! I used to spend so much money on different shampoos, shower conditioners, leave-in conditioners, hair serums, damage treatments, etc to try to make my hair “look” smooth and healthy. It was very hard to maintain and many days my hair looked frizzy and dry. It always seemed to feel dry and brittle no matter what I did with it. I was hesitant to try your shampoo bars after I’ve tried so many other remedies but after reading so many positive testimonies from others I decided to give it a try and all I can say is WOW…I’m sure glad I did. I will never go back to store-bought products again. In fact, I stay away from anything with SLS in it.

All I use now is your shampoo bars on my hair and it finally looks and feels healthy again. I don’t even have to apply conditioner after shampooing. My hair has never looked better. It has even gotten a little thicker since I switched to your bars. I have had great results with your Olive and Babassu Bar and Carrot Milk and Honey Bar. I have even used the Chamomile and Citrus Bar and I love both the smell and results. I hope you never stop making these wonderful products. Thank you again! Terri, New Mexico

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how very VERY much I love your soaps. I will never use another (as long as you keep making 'em). Let me tell you why... I have color treated curly hair that has a tendency to be dry and frizzy and require gobs of conditioner and styling product, and I also always have flakes, even when i have just washed my hair...since using your shampoo bars (babassu and marsh mellow is the one I tried first) my hair has more body, is shiny and healthier looking, and its even curlier, frizz free, and the color looks better too! But the very best part is, those persistent flakes that I've had forever and thought I would have to just live with? They are COMPLETELY gone! As for the soaps (so far I have used Patchouli and Lavender Spice) Not only do they smell amazing, but ever since I started using them I don't need to use lotion, and my tattoos (some of which are several years old) look brand new again, then are as intense as if they we're freshly inked. You are miracle workers and I am amazed in the changes your products have made to the way I look and feel. Sarah, New York

Hello- I want to say that I absolutely love your products; it is becoming an addiction. I have naturally curly hair that is dry and porous- (I don't help out by coloring, either). I have never found a shampoo that moisturizes enough and conditioner has never been an option. I have spent over thirty dollars on one bottle of "special" shampoo yet had better results with yours. When I purchased previously, I ordered shampoo bars which worked great. Today, I just received the soap bars. I ordered these after reading about the increased fat content in them vs. the shampoo bars. I used the Avocado oats n shea as a shampoo. Wow.......I did not need to use conditioner and I used so much less hair product......I will not only save money on shampoo and conditioner (not having to use daily) I will save on the amount of product I use in it :) Guess what I'll do with my savings? Yup, lotion bars and whipped shea butter. Anyway, I highly recommend the use of the soap bars as shampoo for those with moisture lacking hair. Especially when it is curly, the oils have trouble traveling down the hair shaft and we have to add a little. Your soap bars are perfect. I will not ever return to traditional shampoo. If you have any suggestions for extremely dry brittle hair, let me know. I think I will use a bit of the lotion as a finishing styling aid. I can't wait to get them. Kathleen, Oregon

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing line of soaps. A friend of mine gave me a sampler several weeks ago, and because my facial skin was a total mess, I took a risk and began washing my face with the sample bars. This was incredibly risky because I have tricky, sensitive skin--fair, dry, flaky, and lots of breakouts (sometimes deep). My face was so bad right before this that I had seen a dermatologist and she had recommended a round of antibiotics and topical treatment--frustrating when you're in your 30's. Fortunately, I didn't take her advice. After just a few weeks, my skin looks AMAZING. I also slather on the whipped shea butter at night--and it doesn't break me out! My skin hasn't been this clear since I was a kid. Even the scars left by the acne seem smaller. Thanks so much for these magical bars. I'll be ordering more soon! :)

I asked Lindy which soaps she used . . . I used a combination of soaps: neem & tea tree, goat milk oatmeal/honey, and shea rose clay. I kind of switch them out--oatmeal or shea if the skin is looking a little dry. I'm just surprised that all of them work fine on my skin! I've tried *everything* on the market--medical grade and other natural products. I sent a bar to my mom and she loves the product too. Lindy, Georgia

Hi Ida Just wanted to send you this short note to tell you how your soaps have helped me so very much and how grateful I am for that. I have had a difficult time pinning down one that I believe has helped me most . . but I am getting there. For years I have had problems with not being able to use anything to wash my scalp without it coming up with lesions and itching and extreme discomfort with bad headache too. I tried a lot of stuff that was listed as natural but none seemed to solve my poor miserable scalp problem. Now I find I can use some of your shampoos bars and find my scalp is comfy and hair lovely with the Honey Beer and Egg sample so am ordering a large one I also loved the Rosemary, Lavender and Aloe sample and will order that as soon as you have it available. You may not believe this, but after I used your shampoo bar I had such relief with my poor abused scalp that I actually went around with goose pimples and tears the relief I felt was so overwhelming. I also really love the face bars and went ga ga over the Rose Clay bar. Thank you more than words can convey! Jewel, Missouri

Hi Ida Just wanted to send you this short note to tell you how your soaps have helped me so very much and how grateful I am for that. I have had a difficult time pinning down one that I believe has helped me most . . but I am getting there. For years I have had problems with not being able to use anything to wash my scalp without it coming up with lesions and itching and extreme discomfort with bad headache too. I tried a lot of stuff that was listed as natural but none seemed to solve my poor miserable scalp problem. Now I find I can use some of your shampoos bars and find my scalp is comfy and hair lovely with the Honey Beer and Egg sample so am ordering a large one I also loved the Rosemary, Lavender and Aloe sample and will order that as soon as you have it available. You may not believe this, but after I used your shampoo bar I had such relief with my poor abused scalp that I actually went around with goose pimples and tears the relief I felt was so overwhelming. I also really love the face bars and went ga ga over the Rose Clay bar. Thank you more than words can convey! Jewel, Missouri

Hello Ida!

I read the testimonials on your site, and I felt that perhaps I should add to the list of very happy customers.

I'll start off with mentioning that I have -extremely- sensitive skin...a lot of the commercial products that claim to be for sensitive skin even break me out. To make matters even more worse, my skin is also very dry.

I first ordered in November last year. I had broken out in hives (something had reacted to me, we couldn't quite figure out what. I think it was partially due to stress). I'd gone to the doctor and the prescription itch cream was, to say the least, not doing ANYTHING to relieve the itch. I was reading a blog site I'm part of (livejournal to be precise), and someone else had mentioned your site to someone else. Being the curious type I am, I checked it out. I'm also the type that likes to try new things, of course (this might be partially because I'd never found anything that worked -really- well on my skin). I ordered a sample of the Chamomile and Calendula and a sample of the Avocado Oats and Shea. I got the order in a few days (definitely much faster than I'd expected!) and tried out the Chamomile first. It worked WONDERS. The hives cleared up completely less than a week later. I also used pure aloe vera gel, the coolness of the gel helps to rid of the itch, it works very well. I wish I had found this before spending all that money going to the doctor and on various other itch creams that didn't work.

I made my second order last month (after the chamomile finally ran out...I still have the avocado). I wanted to get a full size bar, but with me being the type that likes not only to try new things, but to have a variety of soaps at hand, I ordered samples of the Patchouli & herb, java spice, and chocolate almond. Again, I love them all! I don't think I'll EVER go back to using the commercial soaps (even the smell good types like Bath and Body works-I actually threw out most of my body washes). I can get just as much variety from your soaps and not have my skin break out like crazy, or be dry and itchy. I'm already looking through and preparing to make another order when I get paid, and will definitely be trying your other products! I don't want to take up any more of your time, but I just wanted you to know that you have yet another customer for life! Stephanie, Virginia