Can I Save my Shopping Cart?

To save items from your shopping cart--move them to your wishlist!

To use the wishlist you must be logged in to your account.

  • If you are NOT logged in to your account--after 1 hour of being idle the items in your cart will disappear.

  • If you ARE logged in to your account . . .

    • after 1 hour of being idle, items in your cart will automatically move to your wishlist
    • items in shopping cart will automatically transfer to your wishlist if you sign out

  • To view your wishlist--log in to your account (link is in the top right corner).

  • Sale Items: If you place items in your wishlist that are on special sale, they will revert back to the regular price once the sale has ended. 

  • Out of Stock Items: If an item in your wishlist goes out of stock, it will not be added to your shopping cart.

Products added to your cart are not taken from our inventory until they have been purchased and paid for. If an item is low in stock, another customer may purchase the item before you complete your order and check out. If this happens you will receive an "out of stock" message when you try to pay even though you were able to place the items in your cart originally.

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