Help me choose A Natural shampoo

Henna ShampooWe receive many questions from customers asking for natural shampoo bar recommendations for specific hair types. Most often, our reply goes like this...

We wish that we could recommend the perfect natural shampoo bar for each individual hair type, but everyone's hair and scalp are so unique. The shampoo bars behave differently for different people. I have customers with oily hair who prefer bars that I would normally recommend for dry hair and vice versa. Many soapmakers use one soap or shampoo recipe and simply change the scents. We recognize that everyone's hair is different. For that reason every one of our shampoo bars is made from a different recipe. Your favorite bar of natural shampoo in the summer may differ from your favorite winter shampoo. Lather, texture, and the feel on your hair and scalp may vary with each shampoo.

Our best suggestion is to try some different samples.

  • With a wide variety of recipes, trying samples is the best way to find natural shampoo bars that are just right for you.
  • Use them one at a time so that you can really judge how they make your hair and scalp feel.
  • I often tell customers to take notes on what they like or don't like about each soap or shampoo bar.

We really do wish that we could recommend the perfect natural shampoo bar for each individual hair type. But the fact remains that everyone's hair and scalp are unique

As an example, Ida and Sam (mother and son) have the same hair type: fine and thin, with some wave, oily scalp, dry length. Out of all of our shampoo bars, there is only one that we both like, the coconut milk.  Ida's hair loves all of the shampoo bars made with coconut milk and/or soapnuts.  Sam's hair is much more finicky.

We have compiled recommendations based on information gathered from friends, family, and customers. Hopefully this will help you make your choices! You will notice product overlaps in the recommendations. One person's dry hair shampoo is another's oily hair shampoo. That is why it is so difficult to make individual recommendations!

"When I first emailed you about shampoo bar recommendations, I really wanted you to tell me which shampoo bars I should use. Instead I got the “everyone’s hair is unique” story which was not very helpful at the time. But now I understand why that is the perfect answer. Everyone’s hair IS unique (even two sisters living in the same city with the same type of hair). So I guess the moral of the story is that if you want to switch to an all natural shampoo product—just do it! Buy samples because all of the bars are very different. It is well worth the effort and besides experimenting can be fun!"   Lori, Michigan

We often receive questions from customers asking for help with specific hair care problems or problems with their hair adjusting to shampoo bars.  There is an extensive amount of information available in Ida's FAQ Corner!