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Help me choose A Natural shampoo: For Dry Hair

Dry hair is often the result of a decrease in sebum production, the natural skin oil necessary to keep the scalp and hair moist and lubricated. Dry hair lacks the oil and moisture it needs to give it sheen and a soft texture. As a result, hair that's dry will be brittle and dull and have a straw-like texture.

Some possible causes of dry hair...

  • Genetics (we always blame the parents!!)
  • Excessive washing, harsh detergent shampoos, or alcohol-based hair products that strip natural oils
  • Over-processing, excessive blow-drying
  • Environmental dryness--your climate
  • Exposure to sun, wind and chlorinated swimming pools
  • Nutrition
  • Of we age hair dryness increases, just like with our skin

Our shampoo bars are formulated to promote healthy hair and scalp by cleaning without stripping natural oils!

Some customers with dry hair, have great results using our natural soaps on their hair. The soaps are superfatted at a higher range than shampoo bars, meaning that there is more free oil left over to moisturize dry ends.

We have compiled recommendations based on information gathered from friends, family, and customers. You will notice product overlaps in the recommendations. One person's dry hair shampoo is another's oily hair shampoo. Try samples of our natural shampoo bars to find the best fit for your hair.

  • Butter Bar Conditioner Shampoo Butter Bar Conditioner

    For extra dry hair try our Butter Bar Conditioner.  A buttery lotion bar hair conditioner and natural shampoo combined into one super moisturizing bar. Cocoa, shea, and mango butters are protective emollients that penetrate against dryness and brittleness. A great natural shampoo for dry, processed and heat-treated hair.

Our customers have told us that natural shampoo bars rich in Babassu Oil (Babassu Marsh Mallow and Olive Babassu) are great for coarse, dry or kinky hair.

I am an absolute convert after using your Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo. Being Chinese, I have thick, coarse Asian hair that usually requires extra conditioner. After a few initial uses of the Babassu marsh Mallow Shampoo, I am astonished by how soft and smooth my hair feels - no conditioner needed. Thank you for making wholesome, natural, affordable products that actually work!  Jennie, New Jersey