My Hair Needs Body

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Help Me Choose A Natural Shampoo
For Hair That Needs Body

Fine, thin, straight hair is often difficult to style and often appears lifeless and lacks vitality, bounce and body. There are many causes for limp lifeless hair...

  • genetics
  • general health
  • hormonal changes
  • aging
  • over-processing
  • harsh detergent shampoos

Often simply switching to a natural shampoo without detergents, detergent foam boosters, and other harsh chemicals helps bring more body to your hair.

OMG I have curls. Well maybe they are more like small waves, but I have never had any body in my hair in my whole life. Alls I did was to use your shampoo bars. It's been about a month and all my friends think I had a body perm--do you believe it. My hair has never looked or felt so beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you forever!!!!

Thank you so much. I ordered shampoo bars from you about a month ago and they are the greatest. My hair before was always flat and lank, now it has tons of body and fullness. It's like having someone else's hair!! I look forward to trying your body and face soaps, as my skin is so dry and needs some TLC. Thanks again for a wonderful product and website. Una, Massachusetts

Our natural shampoo bars are formulated to promote healthy hair and scalp by cleaning without detergents and harsh chemicals!

I read on your website that customers say the Honey Beer and Egg Shampoo adds volume to their hair. This I have noticed also, and I have very very fine textured hair. I have tried all sorts of expensive professional salon products that claim to add volume with no luck at all. After a couple months of using your shampoos bar, I look like I have thick hair. I don't even have to try to pump up the volume of my hair midday. It looks full all day long. I just really wanted to let you know how much I love your products. They are truly the best beauty products I have ever bought in my whole life.