Help me choose A Natural soap

Natural Soap


We receive many questions from customers regarding specific natural soaps for skin type. All skin is not created equal. Your skin type is genetically determined and unique to you! Your skin condition and needs can change depending on your . . .

  • diet
  • age
  • hormone cycles
  • exposure to irritants
  • stress
  • the weather
  • and other factors

Begin with trial size samples. Make note of the natural soaps that YOUR skin likes or dislikes--remember no two recipes are the same! Read the ingredients and you will often find a pattern. Some skin likes soaps high in olive oil or shea butter. My skin especially likes soaps high in sunflower or grapeseed oil that are made with coconut milk.

We have compiled recommendations based on information gathered from friends, family, and customers. Hopefully this will help you make your choices!  You will notice product overlaps in the recommendations since everyone's skin is so unique, natural soap bars behave differently for different people.

Please note--because a soap is listed under one skin type category does not mean it is bad for other skin types. For example, a number of customers have commented that our Dead Sea Spa soap has helped them with their oily skin problems, yet it is one of my favorite soaps for my dry (aging) facial skin!

Unlike many other natural soap companies who use the same recipe for every soap selection and simply change the scent, each of our soap bars contains a different blend or different proportions of natural plant oils and butters. No two recipes are the same!

One customer who asked for a natural soap recommendation described her skin this way:
"My T zone (across the forehead, nose, and chin) is oily. The skin on my cheeks and around the eyes and neck is dry. My legs and arms are dry. My back is oily and front torso is just right."

I guess most would call this combination skin!!