Soaps By Scent

Lavender Rosemary Soap

Help me choose A Natural Soap By Scent

Some of our natural soaps have no scent added—you’ll love the earthy smell of natural soap. These soaps have distinct natural aromas due to honey, grains, flowers, spices, herbs, or herbal infused oils. These scents tend to be very mild.

Some people like more aromatic scents. Our scented soaps are made with all natural plant essential oils. We do NOT use fragrance oils (click here to find out why!)

Essential oils are the all-natural aromatic extracts from a variety of aromatic plant material including grasses, leaves, flowers, needles, twigs, peels of fruit, seeds, bark and roots. For example, in roses essential oils are found in the flowers, in basil it is in the leaves, in sandalwood in the wood, and so on. Essential oils are used in aromatherapy and are very concentrated and fragrant.

We do not used a high concentration of essential oils in our natural soaps. Our soaps are gently scented--this is not the overpowering scent of synthetic fragrance oils.

Our gentle natural essential oil blends have been meticulously developed for their aromatherapeutic and skin conditioning properties, as well as for their lovely fragrance.

What type of scents do you like? We grouped our scents in the table below. Many of our scents are complex blends of essential oils and do not easily fit into one category--but we tried!

Scent Options
Honey BUtter Soap No Added Scent**
Coffee Soap Spice
Scarborough Fair Herbal Soap Herbal
Grapeseed Tomato Soap Floral
Aloe Lemon Soap Citrus
Citrus Woods Green Tea Soap Woodsy
Herbal Mist Soap Minty
Avocado Soap Warm
Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap Mixture (I call this Clean/Fresh)

**"NO Added Scent" means that we have not added any essential oils to fragrance that soap. If you are very sensitive to scent, you may find our soaps still have a scent from the natural combination of oils, butters, and other ingredients used to make our handmade soaps. Commercially made unscented products often add a synthetic neutralizing chemical that makes the natural smell of soap seem to disappear. Also, our soap shop is small and unscented soaps may pick up a small amount of scents from other soaps.