I Have Oily Skin or Acne

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap

Help me choose A Natural Soap For Oily Skin

Oily skin is the result of excessive secretions of sebum. It tends to attract more dirt and dust than dry skin and may be prone to black heads and acne.

Oily skin is made worse by skin-drying or alcohol-based products, and harsh soaps or body washes. The chemicals in these products dry out the skin, which then encourages the oil glands to produce more sebum. It becomes a vicious cycle.

Comedogenic ingredients, such as mineral oil and other petroleum based ingredients, block pores and can lead to acne.

All of our natural soaps are very moisturizing, but that does not mean they are bad for oily skin!

If your skin is oily, you do not want a soap that will dry out your skin. You want a natural soap that will clean and help balance skin oils.

How do we decide which soaps seem to work better for oily skin? Most of our recommendations are based on customer feedback. In general, natural soaps containing citrus essential oils, woodsy oils and rosemary seem to work well for oily skin and exfoliating soaps will help in the removal of bacteria and waxy oils from the pores. You will notice product overlaps in the recommendations since everyone's skin is so unique, natural soap bars behave differently for different people. Try samples to find the best fit for you.

Our customers with ACNE have reported great success with our organic Neem & Tea Tree Soap and our Bamboo Charcoal Soap

"The Rhassoul & Yoghurt soap is great for my pre-teen daughter’s oily skin." Kristina, Sweden

Other natural soaps recommended by customers with oily skin

A Note About Citrus Oils: Products with Citrus Oils have been traditionally recommended for oily skin. Citrus oils are great skin tonics. They work by balancing skin oils, not by drying out your skin. For that reason, they can also be used by people with dry skin.