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We receive many emails from customers with questions about gluten-free products.

Since we proudly list every ingredient in all of our products, reading the ingredient list will help in eliminating ingredients that may cause problems.

Most of our products are gluten-free. We have provided some information below that we hope is helpful.


Cornstarch: The organic cornstarch we use is labeled "Gluten Free."

Oatmeal and Oat Flour: Although oats are naturally gluten-free, the organic oats and organic oat flour we use are not labeled gluten free due to the possibility of cross contamination with wheat or similar grains during processing. We do not use oat products in any of our shampoo bars, but there are several soaps that do contain oats and/or oat flour. There are also two bath teas (Soothe My Skin and Baby Me) and our Oats & Herbs Foot Scrub that contain oats.

Beer: We make one soap (Honey Beer) and two shampoos (Honey Beer & Egg and Extra Honey Beer) with beer that is not gluten free.

Wheat Germ Oil: We make one shampoo bar (Summer Sunshine) with wheat germ oil.

If we have missed anything, please let us know!

Please double check the ingredients on the product pages.  We sometimes change recipes!