Product Shelf Life

Whipped Shea Butter

Chagrin Valley products are preservative free!

They do NOT contain petroleum based chemicals (Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Paraffin), chemical emulsifiers (DEA, MEA, TEA), chemical preservatives (Parabens, Urea), Propylene Glycol, artificial colors, stabilizers, or synthetic fragrances.

Our products are not made to sit on store shelves for years and years. Although there are many natural preservatives that exist within the chemical structure of a natural product, they are nowhere near as potent as the synthetic preservatives.

Temperature changes can affect consistency, potency and longevity.

Many commercial products contain phthalates to stabilize and maintain viscosity (thickness), cocamide DEA, MEA to thicken, stabilize and emulsify, petroleum based oils and waxes to thicken and stabilize and other additives to insure that their products maintain the same consistency through all temperature variations. Our natural organic products do not contain these or any other synthetic additives. Please read our "Summer Melting Alert"

As scented products age, some of the natural essential oil scent may be lost. Pure essential oils just do not have the staying power of synthetic fragrance oils. Over time, natural colors may also fade.

Bamboo Applicators

Applicators are especially useful if you are purchasing large sizes of Whipped Butters!

To have preserve freshness as long as possible, we highly recommend using an applicator (like a small spoon or a wooden stick). See our Bamboo Applicators

Each time you place your warm fingers into a tin or jar, you melt some of the butter which can change the consistency of the product, and introduce bacteria and other contaminants into the product.


Since we manufacture all of our own products in small batches to ensure freshness, suggested "use by dates" are based on date of purchase.

  • Herbal Mist SoapSoap/Shampoo

    Please read the following article:
    Do Chagrin Valley soaps and shampoo bars have a shelf life?

  • Organic Chickweed SalveSalves

    Many of our salves are made with botanical infused oil which can lose potency over time. An unopened salve stored at at a cool temperature should be good for 6 to 8 months after purchase. Once opened use within 3 - 4 months to ensure effectiveness.

  • Whipped Cocoa ButterWhipped Butters, Buttercream Face Wash

    Use within 6 months of purchase or 2 months after opeing. For more information please read, Notes About Our Whipped Butters.

  • Healing Seabuckthorn Lip BalmLip & Body Balms, Shower & Lotion Bars

    Use within 3 to 6 months to ensure effectiveness and no loss or change in texture.

  • Sugar ScrubsSugar Scrubs

    Use within 6 months of purchase or 4 months after opening for best results and no loss or change in texture.

  • Organic DeodorantDeodorants

    Use within 2 to 4 months for best results, no loss or change in texture and to ensure effectiveness. It is especially important to keep the deodorants in a cool place, melting will cause the solid ingredients to settle to the bottom of the container especially with the coconut silk deodorants.

  • Bath Teas, Hair Tea Rinse, Facial TeasTeas: Bath, Hair & Face

    Our teas are made from organic dried herbs and botanicals. As natural plant materials, herbs are vulnerable to air, light, humidity, and temperature. Herbs will lose their color with age and should always be stored in cool place and out of direct contact with light. To achieve the best potency please use our “teas” within one year of purchase.

  • Organic Bath Body Massage OilsOils: Bath, Hair & Face

    Most botanical oils oxidize over time and eventually become rancid. When an oil becomes rancid it has a sharp, bitter, unpleasant aroma. Since some oils have a naturally sharp, distinctive or odd odor even when fresh (like Neem, Seabuckthorn and others), take time to educate your nose by smelling the oils when they are fresh. To achieve the best potency please use our oils within 6 months of purchase or 4 months after opening.

A common question is, "Should I refrigerate my products?"

Refrigerating some of our products will prolong shelf life. Products like the bath, hair and face oils can easily be refrigerated, but some of the oils may become thick or even solid when very cold.  If this happens, simply place the aluminum bottle under some warm water.

As mentioned above temperature changes can affect consistency. We don't necessarily recommend that you refrigerate your moisturizers, especially the whipped butters. For more info read Notes About Our Whipped Butters.

If you live in a warm, humid climate, make sure to keep your natural products in a cool, dry place. Do not leave in a hot environment. Keep away from direct sunlight, heaters, and the inside of your vehicle during warm and sunny weather.

What if my product melts?

Please read our Melting Alert