Deodorant: Coconut Cream Natural Scent

Our organic silk cream natural deodorant is a soft solid that readily absorbs into your skin. Stay fresh naturally! No added scent for very sensitive skin. Just the natural scent of fresh coconut.

  • Moisturizing virgin coconut oil has antibacterial properties that naturally and effectively help neutralize underarm odor
  • Silky organic arrowroot powder soothes skin and absorbs perspiration
  • Baking soda raises the pH making the underarm less friendly to odor causing bacteria
Now made with a bit of virgin shea butter for a more soothing, creamier texture. 
  • 2.2 oz Jar $9.65


Directions: Use daily in place of your regular deodorant. Use clean fingers to scoop up a small amount and apply evenly to clean dry skin.

For those who would like an applicator for our cream deodorants, try the back side of our oval bamboo spatula.

Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to write a quick note to say how much I like your coconut silk deodorant. Scent stays for a long time, washes off great (as opposed to anti perspirant) and it makes me feel good to not rub chemicals on my body. My dad has struggled with finding a deodorant for years - natural, OTC, even department store brands - all made him break out and caused irritation. I recommended your deodorant to him, he tried it and has had NO problems after using it a few months. I am so happy he has finally found something that works. My mom uses it now also and is pleased. Thank you for developing such great products and clearly taking pride in your craft and quality control. Keep up the good work!  Stephanie, Iowa

I live in India and I never ever thought in my weirdest of weird dreams that I'll ever import my soaps and other stuff.  Every product from your family is a miracle for me.  I always wanted to use a natural deodorant. When I first opened the tin my reaction was - "What the hell is this?"  Truly speaking I never saw a cream deodorant which is a solid and I was very much skeptical about it. But the smell, it was just so seducing; I smelled it again and again ;)  But when I used it and felt the goodness I was so impressed. Apart from deodorizing, it makes my under arms clearer and fairer. I was so so so happy after noticing the change, the baking soda (I guess) in it was giving a scrubbing action which cleans the skin.   Shivangi, India

I've used your Mint Mist & Natural Scent deodorants & am a fan of both.  After first trying the cream deodorant for a month, as a test I went back and used my store bought deodorant to see how my body would react, and just after a few days I noticed I was developing a rash.  I will never go back to store bought deodorant again!  It took longer to get rid of the rash than it took to develop on my skin.  I read somewhere years ago that antiperspirants weren't good to use, but everything out on the market is a combination of antiperspirant and deodorant. I'm so thankful that I found your company while searching online last August!  My hair and skin thank you all so much for the hard work & dedication it takes in making your natural & organic products!  Jane, Maryland

I must admit that when I bought your Coconut Silk Cream Deodorant (natural scent), I was not optimistic.  I have tried so-called "natural" deodorants in the past, and they have failed miserably by lunch time. I thought the same would happen with your deodorant, so I took my regular, store-bought deodorant (Dove) with me to work "just in case."  As it turns out, I did not need Dove that day and will never need it again.  Your deodorant held up all day and then some.  I never thought it would hold through my workouts (60-90 minutes each, 5 times per week), but it has--and even BETTER than my other deodorant.  I will use your deodorant exclusively from now on.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for the time and effort you put into making your products.  They are the absolute best products that I have ever used.  I've been using your facial soaps for years, and have now started regularly buying other products from you as well.  I am especially excited that I have FINALLY found a natural cream deodorant that can keep up with me.   Maria, Maryland

All of your products I've tried have been phenomenal! Most especially, I've tried EVERY natural deodorant remedy the mind or internet has conceived. Not only does yours actually work, it works all day (better than conventional deodorants), smells great, and is TRULY all-natural! Thank you!  Troy, Arizona

Just want to second the opinion of Troy from Arizona---yes, your cream deodorant does work, and does work all day. Oh joy! Thank you very much for such a clean and fine product. Please don't change it or stop making it---I've been searching so long!   Pat, Washington