Soap: Dead Sea Black Clay

A natural soap made with Mineral rich Dead Sea Mud and Australian Black Clay to stimulate blood circulation, rejuvenate skin, balance and tone skin and deep clean to remove impurities. 

  • The fine, natural grain of the mud and clay softly, yet effectively, sloughs off dead skin cells and leaves skin looking fresh and radiant
  • Australian Black Clay clay soothes irritation and draws out impurities from the skin, helping clear blemishes
  • Enriched with organic virgin shea butter
  • Experience a mini-spa treatment for dull, tired skin, with every bath or shower.
    Same great soap with a new name! Until we use up our old labels (I do not like to waste), the label will still read "Dead Sea Spa Soap."
  • Full Bar 5.8 oz $8.95

  • Trial Sample Bar 1.7 oz $2.90

Dead Sea Black Clay All Natural Soap

Customer Testimonials

I am writing because I am completely amazed with your products. I had an acne problem that wouldn't go away. When I used the treatment my dermatologist gave me I began to peel and shed my skin, it was embarrassing. I thought I would go natural and use a Lush soap that was highly recommended by the sales lady in Lush. I tried it for two weeks and nothing changed but I decided to continue to use it so that I can finish the bar. I continued using that soap until just last week my husband jokingly said my acne "looks like the warts on a frog!" He was playing but I was very offended so I decided to take action. That very day I ordered the Dead Sea soap and the Neem and Tea Tree soap.

My order arrived within a few days and I began using it as soon as I got it. I rinsed both soaps and stacked them then let them sit overnight to dry. In the morning the two soaps were stuck together so I can use them as one big bar. I have developed a routine: I wash once to remove dirt and makeup then I lather real good and massage the soap lather onto my face for 60 seconds nonstop. I do this in the morning then again at night. I rinse with very warm water so that my pores open up before I wash. Then I rub a very light layer of Mango Multi butter on my face to seal in moisture. Today is my fourth day doing this and I swear to everything I love that I don't have one pimple left on me anymore. My face is smoother than a baby's bottom!!!! I NEVER thought I would get results this fast. I am so grateful for your products. This is way better than the dermatologist treatments, the pharmacy treatments, and TV offers. The best part is the price! The soaps are affordable and they last soooo long. Thank you.  Arlene, New York

A customer requested that I make African Black Soap. I explained that I could never recreate the time honored recipe that is so steeped in tradition. The abundance of minerals in the ashes of plantain leaves, palm leaves and cocoa pods, used to make the soap, is the secret to its healing qualities. I suggested our mineral rich Dead Sea Soap--you can read her testimonial below.  

Thank you for recommending the dead sea soap. It was very different from the real African black soap I have use in the past and I was doubtful. But it really works. My breakouts are under control again and my skin feels incredibly soft.  I have dry skin and soap often makes me look ashy, but not this soap.  I have now bought bars for my friends and family and everybody agrees.  I also love, love, love your face oils. I think you should put the words "black clay" in the soap name so that people looking for African Black soap can find you.  I do want to thank you for being honest about the African black soap.  I am upset that companies use the name even though they are not making real African black soap. It's just not right. Many blessings to you all. Tanya, Florida

Just wanted to tell you all that I just love the dead sea soap. It smells so fresh and clean. I use it all over even my face which is very finicky about cleaners. My skin feels so soft and smooth like I had a facial.  Jennifer, Indiana