Soap: Patchouli Hemp Herb

Skin-loving ingredients like organic shea butter, cocoa butter and unrefined hempseed oil, rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & Omega 6) and gamma linolenic fatty acid (GLA), create an emollient rich, natural soap.

  • Organic shea butter penetrates deep, moisturizes and nourishes
  • Finely ground, antioxidant rich organic Green Tea leaves act as a gentle exfoliant to give skin a healthy glow
  • Essential oils of stimulating rosemary, and sensuous lavender and patchouli, offer an earthy herbal scent
  • Essential oils add skin balancing, toning, and soothing qualities
  • Full Bar 5.8 oz $8.65

  • Trial Sample Bar 1.7 oz $2.90


*Certified Organic By OEFFA
Made with Certified Organic Oils, Shea Butter and Herbs

Patchouli Organic Soap

Customer Testimonials

Hi, I just wanted to tell you how very VERY much I love your soaps. I will never use another (as long as you keep making 'em). Let me tell you why... I have color treated curly hair that has a tendency to be dry and frizzy and require gobs of conditioner and styling product, and I also always have flakes, even when i have just washed my hair...since using your shampoo bars (babassu and marsh mellow is the one I tried first) my hair has more body, is shiny and healthier looking, and its even curlier, frizz free, and the color looks better too! But the very best part is, those persistent flakes that I've had forever and thought I would have to just live with? They are COMPLETELY gone!

As for the soaps (so far I have used Patchouli and Lavender Spice) Not only do they smell amazing, but ever since I started using them I don't need to use lotion, and my tattoos (some of which are several years old) look brand new again, then are as intense as if they we're freshly inked. You are miracle workers and I am amazed in the changes your products have made to the way I look and feel.
Sarah, New York