Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Mousse


Shea Olein and Olive Squalane are whipped and whipped to create this silky delicate natural face and eye cream. One of the first areas to show signs of aging is the thin skin surrounding the eyes. This delicate skin, with fewer sebaceous glands, and less collagen and elastin than skin elsewhere on your face, needs special moisturizing. Human skin naturally produces lubricating squalene, but production decreases as we age. Squalane and Shea Olein, often found in anti-aging products, promote cell growth and help with dry skin and skin irritations. 

We add a few drops of Organic Lavender to help balance skin oils. This product has NO Lavender scent to it!

  Natural Face and Eye Cream

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  • 1 oz. Jar
Ingredients: Organic Shea Olein; Squalane (Olive); Olive Butter; Jojoba; Organic Lavender Essential Oil
Directions: This rich cream is very concentrated. A little goes a very long way. EYE CREAM: Place a few dabs around the eye and allow to melt a bit.  Using very gentle pressure massage into the skin.  Never tug or pull this delicate skin!  For best results apply to eye area every morning and evening.  FACE CREAM: Dot across cheek bones.  Gently massage up and out to give your face a lift.

Customer Testimonials

I am a skeptic and pretty set in my ways.  I have very sensitive skin and most creams irritate my face and eyes. Last month I was shopping with a friend and went to but my usual eye cream. She saw the price (almost 40 bucks for a half ounce) and went into a sales pitch about your eye mousee. I was quite embarrassed and left the counter deciding I would come back another day without Janet.  That night I checked out your website and figured that for under 10 bucks for a bigger jar what did I have to lose. It has been a month and I am a convert.  I would honestly buy your Squalane cream even if cost 40 dollars for a half ounce it is that GOOD. My face and eye skin have never looked better and it is natural to boot. All I can say is WOW!  Diana, Arizona

Just wanted to tell you that this product is a WINNER!  I am in my 40s and have been spending over $50 the last few years buying little jars of anti-aging face creams.  I have been using this squalane cream for the last 6 months and I now get compliments on my skin. I don't know how you guys do it but please don't stop.   Katie, Pennsylvania

My favorite complexion bar is the Neem and Tea Tree! I have had oily and acne/blackhead prone skin since I was 16! I have tried everything chemical laden over the years to get rid of it! It is now that I am 33 that my skin is starting to heal with the use of this bar. I also use the adzuki micrograin facial scrub mixed with the butter cream to exfoliate twice a week with no irritation! My skin is so smooth! I also moisturize with the whipped squalane face and eye mousse. My skin has never looked better! I wish had taken a before and after because the dark circles that I had under my eyes from those late nights studying in college and the late nights of nursing my baby have faded away thanks to this little miracle in a jar. I hope you guys never stop making these products! I am going to keep ordering as long as I am able to. I am forever grateful for all you do! May God Bless!  Amanda, Mississippi

I stumbled upon Chagrin Valley about a year or so ago by chance on a Google search for natural products. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am slowly but surely converting from my traditional, packaged products to your natural products. I even got my mom hooked on the shampoo bars! My testimonial is for the face & eye mousse in particular. I ordered that a few days ago and have been using it morning and night, and can't believe how awesome my skin is looking! I have been using the smallest possible amount and I'm getting results that moisturizers twice the price can't even deliver. The skin around my eyes is brighter, my dark circles have slightly improved, my face is so smooth and my skin is glowing. I have been on the search for years trying to find the perfect moisturizer to take care of my 20-something, combination skin and I have found it. Thank you!! :-)  Lori, Virginia

I just wanted to let you know how much I love the All Natural Whipped Squalane Face & Eye Mousse. Since my teen years I have suffered painful and unsightly acne which as been persistent through prescription antibiotic and skin product dermatology treatments. I am now in my early thirties. Several years after taking Acutane, my acne began to return. I tried over the counter products which were very harsh and worsened the problem as well as products commercially available through television. My skin continued to be inflamed and I began to consistently have patches of acne and dry skin. Over the counter moisturizers used to address the inflammation and dryness only seemed to make the problem worse. A couple of days after placing my order, I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived only a few days later. That was just a little over a month ago. My skin is no longer inflamed and peeling and the acne has nearly healed. I am not experiencing any new break outs or irritation. So thank you for making these wonderful products available.  Carolyn, Washington

Dear Ida and Chagrin Valley, My skin and my wallet can’t thank you enough. I've spent thousands of dollars over the years trying every “makes your skin younger looking” cosmetic. I am now in my late fourties and have fallen prey to every advertisement for youthful skin. No product ever did anything special until I found your company. For the last six months I have been using your face scrub and the squalane cream exclusively. My face looks fabulous. The skin is so soft and youthful and I even think it has helped with fine wrinkles. Here is my routine. I use the face scrub every morning in the shower. The sugar is so gentle and the idea of mixing it with soap is just extraordinary. After drying off I apply a very light amount of the squalane and let is soak in. My skin has a soft glow. I use a mineral powder and blush that actually stays on much longer probably from the squalane cream. No more foundation or concealers. My skin looks great without and feels so much cleaner all day and I feel better knowing that the products I am using do not contain all those chemicals. I just wanted you to know how much you are appreciated.  Ruth, California