Shampoo Bar: Henna Auburn

A natural shampoo with henna and organic botanicals that help strengthen hair, enhance body and luster and may add a touch of highlight or color.

  • Hibiscus helps brighten red tones
  • Natural indigo adds warmth and richness to the auburn hues
  • Great natural shampoo for limp, lifeless and dull hair
  • Deeply conditioning henna, nourishing oils and coconut milk will enhance the volume, refine the texture and boost the shine 
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  • Full Bar 5.8 oz$8.50

  • Sample 1.7 oz$2.90


*Certified Organic By OEFFA
Made with Organic Oils & Coconut Milk

Directions: Being a natural product, the results of the natural henna and botanical colors can never be guaranteed. Since there are so many variables, the resultant color, if any, will be different and unique for everyone depending on hair type and condition.

We have found that people who allow the henna shampoo to sit on their hair a while before rinsing tend to see more color highlights.
Auburn Henna All Natural Shampoo Bar

Customer Testimonials

I love all the shampoo and soap bars that I've bought, the only problem is deciding on which one to use each day.  I did buy the Auburn Henna Shampoo bar to see if and how it would color my hair.  I naturally have Black/Dark Brown hair which I used to chemically color Natural Brown. It did take at least a month, if not 6 weeks for me to really see how the Henna colored my hair.  I love the highlights that the Auburn Henna has given my hair as I'm growing out the chemically colored portion of my hair.  My hair and skin thank you all so much for the hard work & dedication it takes in making your natural & organic products!  =)    Jane, Maryland

Hi, just thought I'd let you know I have been using your henna shampoo bar and three times in the past two weeks i have had compliments on my hair; two from friends and one from a complete stranger - hope you keep making it!  Heather, Ohio