Shampoo Bar: Summer Sunshine

A natural shampoo especially formulated for summertime hair when the scalp becomes more oily, but the hair more dry as it is exposed to sun and wind--but we love it all year round! 

  • Extra moisturizing wheat germ oil, rich in antioxidants, helps improve circulation
  • Enriched with moisturizing organic coconut milk that condition and strengthen the hair shaft
  • Coconut milk soothes dry scalps and has anti-frizz properties that help with manageablilty
  • Good for all hair types
A sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free natural shampoo
  • Full Bar 5.8 oz $8.65

  • Sample 1.7 oz $2.90


*Certified Organic By OEFFA
Made with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil & Coconut Milk

Natural Organic Shampoo

Customer Testimonials

I started using the Summer Sunshine bar on my hair two months ago, and was amazed. At first, it felt funny. It was like there was wax on my hair. I knew from your website that I needed to use it longer, and so I did. Never looked back on commercial shampoo. Ever. I used to love this one shampoo from Japan, but I was completely taken by yours. It was all natural, smelled neutral, made me never have a bad hair day again, and made my hair less oily. I usually hate washing my hair because it's such a hassle, but I don't even need conditioner anymore. Thank you so much for making these things. They're like hair savers in solid shampoo bar forms! Love it!    Julia, Illinois

Dear Ida and famiy, I am completely blown away with your shampoo bar; Summer Sunshine. My hair is thick, wavy, frizzy, dry, and gets tangled (especially my ends). My scalp itself, particularly my crown, gets oily in one day. My hair is frizz free, soft, tangle free longer, and even my curls at the end of my hair are more defined! As I said before about my scalp, it remains oil free for two to three days!! I never knew I could love my hair again! I can't wait to try Cafe Moreno to enhance my dark brown hair with chestnut red highlights. Thank you once again for bringing salvation to my hair!  Tamara, Pennsylvania