Dog Shampoo: Honey & Oats

The finely ground oats, aloe vera, honey and cornstarch, in this natural dog shampoo, help soothe and heal itchy, irritated, inflamed, and dry skin. 

  • Honey revitalizes the coat, adds shine and acts as a natural sealant
  • Natural emollient oils, cocoa butter and conditioning shea butter add shine as they moisturize
  • Essential oil blend has soothing proprieties and helps repel fleas and ticks
  • 3.8 oz. Bar $6.25

  • Sample 1.5 oz. Bar $2.50

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*Certified Organic By OEFFA
Made with Organic Oils, Honey & Oats

Directions: Using a bar of soap to wash your dog is much easier and less messy than using liquid soap.  Simply rub the bar on your dog's wet coat to make a rich, creamy lather. Massage the shampoo deep into your dog's coat and rinse thoroughly to prevent dried soapy hair. Rub your pooch down with a clean, dry towel. 

Products with essential oils should not be used on cats
Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Customer Testimonials

My boyfriend and I have tried everything on our poor Welsh Corgi who had dandruff and a chronic itch to the point where I would have to put a cone on him at night. The Honey and oats is amazing! His fur is extreamly soft, shedding is down to a minimum and there is no wet dog smell to him at all. Best of all he isn't chewing at himself. I'm totally sold for life thank you so much!  Ariane, California

I just used the Honey and Oats sample bar tonight to bathe by two boxers. Wow, how wonderful. I realized at the beginning that as they were licking the soapy water dripping down it was not going to hurt them. This made the process go much faster and they were happier and me too.  With other shampoos, even oatmeal gentle based I would keep telling them leave it so that it would not hurt them. It really lathers nicely. The dirt seems to just melt off. It even made it go faster because of how nicely it did lather and I did not have to keep picking up the bottle of shampoo, or dropping the bottle because of it being slippery, to add more shampoo to them. Two other great things I noticed after the bath.  One was there was no “wet hair dog smell” at all. The towels did not even have that “wet dog smell”. The number two thing was that they are usually really “pumped up” after a bath and will run and romp and roll over the house. Tonight they were very calm and laid down and took a nap. It really relaxed them. The shampoo bar was a success. I am ordering another bar today.    Evelyn, Florida

Hi, I would like to give you a testimonial to your dog soap bars.  My mother gave me a couple of bars as a gift. THEY ARE MIRACULOUS!!!!  I have three Shih Tzu's and one of them has VERY flaky skin.  I have tried expensive $30 bottles of "medicated" & "oatmeal" shampoos.  These left my dog with continued flakes and a weird smell.   After THE FIRST bath with your natural dog soap, my dog was squeaky clean and FREE OF dry skin, irritation, and flakes.  I am a believer and plan on buying these bars for all of my friends for the holidays.  Peggy, California

Dear Ida, I just wanted to give you some feed back about your Dog Shampoo bars. I ordered a sample of your Honey & Oats Shampoo bar with my last order to try out on my Service Dog, Birdie. I can not say enough about how wonderful this soap is!! In addition to being my Service Dog, Birdie also does Therapy visits at the nursing home, the Veterans hospital and on the pediatric ward at the local hospital.  We train in rural and urban tracking just for fun, and usually come home covered in mud, sand, leaves, sticks, brambles and all sorts of nasty stuff from the salt marshes. Birdie is one hard working dog. Birdie goes everywhere and I do mean EVERYWHERE with me, so she has to be clean and smell decent all the time.  She has sensitive skin that gets dry, irritated and itchy with too many baths, but unfortunately, frequent baths are a necessary evil with her job. The bar lathered up nicely and I had no problem getting her soaped up.  I actually like the soap bar better than liquid dog shampoo because you have to use your hands to rub the lather into your dog's fur, so she dog gets a doggie massage at the same time. It rinsed off beautifully with no soap residue like I expected. I followed it up with a rinse of 1 tbsp of ACV rinse in 2 cups of distilled water.

Since we started using this soap, Birdie doesn't seem to be as itchy & fidgety as she usually is.  She is also licking her feet a lot less than usual. The folks at the nursing home noticed right away that she smelled different and that her fur felt much softer. In the three weeks since we've been using your soap, Birdie's skin has been less itchy and her fur is so silky soft that everyone exclaims about it when they touch her. I'll be ordering full size bars with my next order and have recommended your Dog Shampoo to my friends that also have service and assistance dogs as well as those in our working dog club. Thanks for such a great product.  Noel, Connecticut

I have a 11 month old Shitzu and we recently took her to Petco for a bath and hair cut, I paid 20 dollars extra for oatmeal shampoo and the same day I brought her home she started itching and biting herself I figured it had to be what they bathed her in. One month earlier I had ordered the sample Oatmeal and honey bar for her and used it yesterday and I cannot believe that night, she got in bed with me, and this was the time she would always start scatching and biting herself and miraculously, she has stopped itching and biting herself. Her fur is so shiny, fluffy and beautiful ..its incredible. I was afraid she would be tangled, but not one tangle appeared after I bathed her. I am one satisfied customer and I have to tell you that I will never use anything else.  Sylvia, Connecticut

Ida, I've been using your shampoo bars on and off for about a year (I don't recall why I ever stopped because they make my hair feel absolutely wonderful), but this isn't about me. I recently ordered the honey and oats dog shampoo for my little girl, Torri. She's a 6 y/o Yorkie with a long history of dry flaky skin and a terribly dry coat. She used to belong to my mother and when I took her in she was almost bald from scratching and biting her poor itchy skin. I changed her diet and tried washing her with gentle shampoo very diluted in unscented conditioner. Most of her hair grew back, but its always been so brittle and dry and her skin always felt so tight and weird. I searched high and low for something that would ease her condition, and nothing ever really worked that is until I found your dog shampoo. All I can say is WOW. After just one use (seriously, just one) she feels like a different dog. Her coat is so silky and so lustrous!!! I was amazed!! No itchies anymore either. We cannot thank you enough. Please, don't ever stop making your shampoo bars.  Jessica, Florida