Intimate Oil

Organic Vegan

Formulated with soothing organic botanicals and oils, our organic herbal lubricant is perfect for intimate times when vaginal dryness is a problem.  As we get older, our bodies produce less and less lubrication. Also, anything that interferes with the production of estrogen, like menopause, breastfeeding, or breast cancer medication, can cause feminine dryness. Intimate Oil is made without petroleum based ingredients, propylene glycol, parabens, preservatives, or other synthetic chemicals that often cause irritation. 

We also make a soothing organic Calendula Salve that is a great lubricant for vaginal dryness.  (Oil based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms!)

The Intimate Oil comes packaged with a plain aluminum cap. For more convenient dispensing, a reusable treatment pump (pictured on the left below) is available on our accessories page!
  Intimate Vaginal Dryness Oil

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  • 2 oz. Travel Size
  • 4 oz. Bottle
Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil infused with Organic Botanicals (Calendula, Plantain, Mullein, Elderberry Flowers, Marshmallow Root and St. John's Wort); Organic Jojoba; Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil; Organic Tamanu Oil

Customer Testimonials

Hi Ida, I have always suffered from vaginal dryness and thus irritation and itchiness. My doctor told me that I should use some kind of lubricant to ease irritation during and after intercourse, but I have always been afraid to try them because anything down there causes irritation.  I decided to try your intimate oils, and it has helped me SO much.  Sometimes, because of my condition, if afterwards I feel a little dry or irritated I will just apply a bit more to soothe the area, and it works like a charm. - Anonymous, Ohio