Salve: Calendula

This super soothing organic salve contains the healing herbs of Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender.

  • Great all-purpose salve
  • Helps relieve skin irritations (such as eczema), skin rashes, extra dry skin and minor burns
  • Great for infants and children. Use on baby's bottom or to soothe dry, chafed, irritated and sensitive skin
  • Great Tattoo ointment
  • Soothes chapped cheeks from cold winter wind or summer sun!
  • A soothing, natural vaginal lubricant (Note: Oil based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms.) We also make a soothing natural oil lubricant for vaginal dryness called Intimate Oil!
  • 1 oz. Tin $7.75

  • 2 oz Tin $12.75

    cruelty free

Organic Calendula Salve

Customer Testimonials

"Wow...thank you again Sam & Co.! After just 3 days my eczema is almost gone. Like the biblical 10th leper I say THANK YOU!!! I talked with Sam at Cleveland Flea on Sunday. Bought the Goat Milk Oatmeal & Honey soap and some Calendula WEDNESDAY my skin is almost clear. It is nothing short of miraculous! And it's winter time...with dry cold air outside and dry hot air inside. Since childhood, I have been prescribed steroidal cremes, soaking in blue-chemicals, detergent, and ultraviolet light. I have taken fish pills. No more!!! No more itch! No more scratching! No more eczema! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"  Jack, Ohio

I just wanted to thank you! Your Calendula salve healed my mother’s hand, that for over a year nothing, not even Rx medications could heal. She has severely damaged and cracked skin due to chemicals she uses for her work and lately it has been so painful that she couldn’t completely bend or straighten her fingers anymore. She has been using the salve for only 3 weeks and her hand is almost completely healed and pain free. Again, thank you so so much for the wonderful products! They can really make a difference!  Judit, California

Dear Ida, I am writing for two reasons.  Thank you for sharing your feelings about breast cancer.   I just went for my one year mammogram and I am cancer free.  This has been a difficult year I don’t need to tell you about the emotional ups and downs and you have been so helpful. Most important I would like to share a story that I hope you post on your website.  I am sure there are other woman experiencing the same thing.  I have been married for 30 years.  My darling husband and I have always enjoyed a beautiful sex life.  The Arimidex pill that I take for the breast cancer really decreased my libido, but sharing your life with a loving man with a bit more cuddling we were able to overcome that hurdle.   The biggest problem was discomfort from vaginal dryness.  I tried some of the things suggested by the doctors and hated the way they felt plus they did not work. We started using the Calendula salve and I cannot even tell you what a difference.  No more pain.  We even have some fun with it (I will not go into details).   As a breast cancer survivor I have become more conscious of the ingredients in everything.  It is so great to have a natural product that actually works.  You are a special lady Ida.  I think it is your genuine love for people that makes you so creative.  Please know that you are always in my prayers.  Katie, Pennsylvania

I have to tell you my story. First off, this might be a bit personal, but hey from your name, I gather you are a woman, so I guess I can tell you this. My fiancee and I have tried so many personal lubricants out there and they were all horrible. Either too sticky, too greasy, they would burn, they would not last long enough, etc... Finally I saw that one of your salves could be used as a vaginal lubricant and we tried it and I have to tell you that the 2 ounce tin is almost empty after 1 month. (we are going thru this phase where we have fallen in love all over again like when we first met. LOL) but it works incredibly and I will never ever used anything again. It does not burn, does not irritate and is very easy to remove. All I do is use baby wipes and it comes right off if I don't shower right away and it beats spending 15 dollars on some bottle of god knows what that is supposed to be self heating, which is nonsense.  Sylvia, Connecticut