Salve: Nipple Balm

A safe, soothing organic breastfeeding balm for mom. The skin on your nipples is very sensitive and the early days of breastfeeding can sometimes mean sore, chapped or cracked nipples. 

  • Forms a protective moisturizing  barrier to prevent excessive dryness and help ease and naturally heal sore or chapped nipples
  • Botanical infused oil helps soothe and heal
  • Olive oil and cocoa butter deeply hydrate skin to keep nipples soft 
  • Ingredients are safe for babies, so no need to wash it off before nursing!  
  • Great for jogger’s nipples too!
  • 1 oz. Tin $7.75

  • 2 oz. Tin $12.75

    cruelty free

Directions: A few weeks before your due date prepare your nipples, by gently applying a light layer over your nipple and areola with clean hands. Continue to use the Nipple Salve while breastfeeding. Apply as needed and after each feeding. Be sure the nipple is dry before application. No need to wash off before nursing!  

Organic Breastfeeding Nipple Balm