Salve: Sea Buckthorn Rosehips

An organic salve made with antioxidant rich, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbiological Sea Buckthorn oil that helps encouraging tissue regeneration. Rosehips and Sea Buckthorn oils help . . .

  • Promote wound healing
  • Promote healing of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis
  • Promote healing of minor burns—radiation and sunburns
  • Ease inflamed, irritated and flaking skin
  • Reduce new and old scarring from surgery and acne
Due to the increased cost of high quality, organic sea buckthorn oil, we have to increase the price of this product. Read more . . .
  • 1 oz. Tin $14.50

  • 2 oz Tin $20.75

    cruelty free

Note: Sea Buckthorn Oil has a deep color due to loads of beta-carotene and can cause temporary staining on clothes and fair skin.

Customer Testimonials

I am writing about the sea buckthorn salve. I love earrings but not the expensive ones, the inexpensive outrageous looking earrings. The problem is that even after 20 years since I got my ears pierced, my earlobes only like real gold (preferably 24k) backs. Wearing a pair of my fav earrings means that halfway through my evening my ears itch, burn, turn red and the earrings come out. It is so predictable that I even carry a small pouch in my purse just to toss my earring in. Neosporin helped a bit but I hated the idea of using antibiotic cream so often. I had your sea buckthorn salve (my little first aid kit in a can) so I decided to try it.  I just wipe it all over the earring back, put it in my ear and I can now go the whole evening with earrings in my ears instead of my purse. It works better than neosporin and no extra antibitotics. I can now wear ALL of my awesome earrings. I wish I had found you a long time ago! My ears and earring collection thanks you guys!   Hannah, Georgia

I wanted to thank you for your seabuckthorn salve.  For years I was using a lip balm I was allergic to without realizing it.  My lips were in awful condition until I realized what was happening.  The same night I ditched that lip balm, I burned my upper lip badly with a depilatory cream.  When nothing seemed to help, I grabbed this salve and spread it over my lips and the burn.  The next morning the redness and swelling were almost completely gone, and my lips looked better than they had in years.  They're healing very quickly and even plumping nicely, and a scar I have from gnawing my lower lip as a nervous habit is barely visible now.  I'm also using the salve to fade old scars.  Thank you for making this stuff.  It's gold. Amy, Kentucky

Read how the Seabuckthorn Salve helped Theresa's Burns!

Hello everyone! We have been buying your soaps and oils and other items for years now and love them since we are an organic and natural based family and I have to tell you about an incident with your amazing (and I mean this literally) oil. I was cooking our favorite chili last night and was moving the ground chicken and pork around the stock pot frying it and suddenly the oil that I had in there slopped out of the pan onto my hand (it was A LOT). Needless to say there were a few words said since it really, really hurt. I rinsed off my hand immediately and put ice on it as I have done in the past with cooking burns and this time it did not stop hurting at all, so I sat there with ice on my hand for 2 hours and thought maybe I should go to the ER since it was a much worse burn than I had ever had before in cooking. Then being my mothers daughter... I thought there must be something in my medicine cabinet that would help me. We had some Solarcaine spray and I thought this is nasty stuff with all the chemicals in it (then threw it away) and so looked in my basket of Chagrin Valley oils and saw this Seabuckthorn oil I had been using for cuts and abrasions and super chapped lips). On its label it said "promotes healing of burns...". So I thought I am trying it and I have to say it was AMAZING! Within seconds (very true) of putting this oil on my hand the burn stopped hurting and then I kept reapplying it for the rest of the evening and when I went to bed.  In the morning when I got up my hand did not hurt and the redness from the burn was all but gone.

So, I am an info junky and my husband somewhat lovingly calls my iPad the "oracle", so I jumped on my iPad to research this oil.  This oil is being studied across the world for its incredible ability to heal first and second degree burns with no scarring. It has been found to be a more effective burn remedy than the pharmaceuticals on the market and of course much less expensive and natural.

I will never use anything else for first and second degree burns in my home and I am ordering this for my sister, nieces and daughter so they can have the same healing oil in their homes too.

This is an AMAZING oil you have put together and you saved me a trip to the ER (my hubby was ready to take me in). My family has always believed in the old ways of healing and this is a fine example of how in many instances the old ways really do work better than new pharmaceuticals. Thank you so, so much!!  Theresa, Washington

Hello,  After a few orders now, I recently ordered the Seabuckthorn Salve to give to my Uncle that suffers from psoriasis. Before I gave it to him, I kept a little for myself and began using it on my face. I am happy to say that this stuff is incredible. I am 47 and have a few fine lines and beginning to show a little sagging in the face area, and have a bit of puffiness in the lower eyelids. I also have been using it on a scar under the chin. Again, I am happy to say that after only 1 week, I have actually noticed a difference; it even has diminished some spots (sun) on my face.  Perhaps, you might consider advertising this as an age cream/salve, as it really does work wonders. Needless to say, I will be ordering more for myself.  Julie, Florida

Recently, I ordered the Seabuckthorn salve to have on hand for minor burns and scratches. Then my facial skin went crazy! I am pregnant and it's dry with the winter weather, a combination that makes my skin dry, red, itchy, raw, bumpy, and irritated. It was painful even to smile! Desperate for extra moisture, I applied the salve liberally all over my face before bed one night. The next morning, I woke up without tight, itchy skin for the first time in months. I've kept it up, washing with your Seabuckthorn soap, misting lightly with alcohol-free cucumber and aloe witch hazel, and applying the salve to my damp face to trap in the moisture. My skin hasn't been this supple in years! Redness is eased, acne is nearly eliminated, and a scar I've had since childhood appears to be fading. My husband says I'm glowing, and I'm one of those pregnant women who gets a dull mask during pregnancy - glowing is a first, and this is my third child! If it didn't make me orange, I'd use it during the day as well. Never stop making this salve!! Thank you for making your fantastic products. You've got a customer for life!  Jessica, California

Dear Chagrin Valley Team,   I've been using your shampoos for a couple of months now and I swear, I'm still excited every time I'm about to shower. I'm so grateful my friend recommended your products to me. The reason I'm writing to you though is to thank you for the Seabuckthorn Rosehip Salve. I ordered it because my mom has eczema on her hands and I want her to stop putting those hormonal lotions on her skin. Before I got a chance to give it to her, I decided to try it on my face. My facial skin has been really dry for the past month. It's been flaking and scaly and it felt like I was wearing some kind of paper mask on myself. I also have rosacea so I've been avoiding really heavy creams. It was a lose-lose situation. This evening, I gave my face a facial scrub and put on a coating of the salve. The description didn't specifically mention dry skin but even some help with rosacea would have been welcomed. I left it for 3 or 4 hours, and just washed it off ten minutes ago.  My skin... is so soft right now. It's so smooth and soft and so clean to the touch. I feel like it's finally breathing again. I'm not having a flareup of rosacea like I was afraid of, it didn't clog my pores, it didn't dry my skin out. It did the complete opposite. My skin feels cool and relaxed and moisturized and light. I can't even believe it. I feel like the past month never happened. Thank you so so much for this miracle in a container. The salve did for me in 4 hours what I couldn't fix in a month with any amount of scrubs or masks or moisturizers. I wish I could hug you guys. Yana, New York

Hi there, I've written before about your Goldenseal and Myrrh Salve, and now I'm writing again to rave about your Seabuckthorn Soap and Salve. I have very reactive, mildly rosasea'd skin that is often too dry in the winter and somewhat oily in the summer. I thought I had it more or less under control but I decided to switch from your Grapeseed soap to the Seabuckthorn and Tea Tree soap. I've really enjoyed the change, the soap is so mild and gentle it never strips my skin (Just what I've come to expect from you!) and the addition of tea tree oil seems to help with my occasionally clogged pores. 

The real stunner is the Seabuckthorn salve though. I rub it all over my face after my usual wash and moisturize routine before bed and my skin always feels so calm and nourished in the morning. My rosasea flush is minimized and even though I was afraid it would be too heavy for my pores, they are doing better even with the summer heat coming on. And that's not all! My Fiance recently had a broken collarbone and elbow surgically repaired and I used the salve on his surgical scars after the staples were removed and we got the OK from the Dr. I was so worried he'd have these big raised "train tracks" from the staples but they are so smooth and soft now. I've also used the salve on my irritated bikini line after waxing and it settled down overnight, no chicken bumps here! It's truly a great product and I'll be keeping it on hand for years to come, I don't even mind the orange color!   Danielle, California