Natural Bath and Body Oils

Centuries before the invention of water-based lotions, woman used infused natural oils to nourish, moisturize and protect their skin. Our organic multipurpose bath and body oils, made with therapeutic botanical infused oils and essential oil aromatherapy, are designed to help soothe your skin, relax your body and refresh your spirit.

Use these versatile organic oils as a...

  • massage oil to feel relaxed yet rejuvenated
  • bath tub oil you can transform your bath into a pampering spa to relieve stress or feel energized
  • after bath and shower oil, massage directly onto damp skin to soften and moisturize

We also have a natural body oil with a blend of essential oils that repells insects and a soothing natural herbal lubricant perfect for intimate times when dryness is a problem.

For sensitive skin and noses, our Vanilla Bean and Baby Me bath and body oils contain no essential oils.
*4 ounce bath and body oils cannot be shipped in the international flat rate envelope