Natural Organic Bug Repellent & Soap

Natural organic bug and insect repellent
If your family loves camping, hiking, gardening, picnicking, fishing, golfing or simply enjoying the outdoors, we have some great natural organic insect repellents to help keep bugs from biting! Naturally!

  • Bug Repellents are USDA Certified Organic and 100% Natural
  • We harnessed the Power of Plants that produce their own natural pesticides as a chemical defense
  • Our natural insect repellents work because the active ingredients are plant essential oils known to contain high levels of natural bug deterrents
  • Safe, natural bug repellents are great substitutes for chemical laden, toxic bug sprays
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While all of the essential oils in our bug products help repel bugs, Lemon Eucalyptus is recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). It works as well as low concentrations of DEET to prevent mosquitoes and ticks from biting.  A higher percentage of DEET in a repellent does not mean that your protection is better, just that it will last longer. So a natural repellent needs to be applied more frequently. 

As you read about our natural bug repellents, please note that if you are looking for long-lasting protection in severe conditions, such as venturing into areas that are heavily infested with mosquitoes and ticks that carry disease, like Malaria or the Zika virus, the CDC website has numerous pages of information concerning insect-borne diseases, the most effective insect repellents and travel precautions.