Scrap Sacks

Many of our customers have asked if we could sell our natural soap and shampoo bar scraps—so here they are. Rather than a hodge-podge of assorted soaps or shampoos, our scrap sacks contain only one kind of soap or shampoo. This way, you can choose your favorites. 

The soap slivers, soap chunks, cracked bars and odd size end pieces may not be pretty, but you will get all the goodness of our all natural handmade soap at a real savings! The soap scraps are packaged in a kraft paper bag made from unbleached recycled paper.

So more customers have a chance to buy them, there is a LIMIT of ONE (1) scrap sack per order (that means 1 soap scrap sack OR 1 shampoo scrap sack per order). 

Once a scrap sack sale has been posted in our newsletter, please click here to view the list of the scrap sacks available.