My Favorite Natural Soap is "Out of Stock?


Natural Organic Soap Sold OutWe know it is disappointing and frustrating to discover that your favorite product is “Sold Out.”

Although we work hard to make products so that they are always available, despite our best efforts, there may be times when some items are out-of-stock.

Since we often receive emails from customers asking us “why” items go out-of-stock, I thought it might be helpful to explain some of the more common reasons.


Bear in mind that while our skin and hair care products seldom go out of stock, soap and shampoo bars have an additional hurdle to overcome--they take 8-10 weeks to cure.

Inventory Errors

Natural Organic Sea Buckthorn SoapIt seems like no matter what human or computer method we put in place, our inventory is sometimes incorrect.

Since the timeline for soapmaking must be carefully planned, we project our soapmaking schedule based on average bar sales, always keeping at least a 3-4 month cushion of soap on the shelves.

For example, we know that when our inventory says, “you have 400 bars left that will sell out in four months,” it is time to put that natural soap on the soapmaking calendar.

But what happens when the inventory is incorrect and we only have 200 bars? The bars will sell out in two months. When we realize the error, we quickly make a new batch but it will not be ready for over 2 months.

While we try hard to keep tight control over inventory, errors happen once in a while.

Quality Ingredients

Natural Organic Skin Care Ingredients


Quality organic products depend on fully stocked shelves of quality organic ingredients. Sometimes we place an order with one of our few trusted suppliers only to discover that a certain ingredient is unavailable.

Our ingredients are based on plants which are subject to the unpredictability of nature. 

Environmental conditions such as dry spells, heavy rains, unusual temperature fluctuations, etc can adversely affect growing conditions and cause shortages. If an ingredient is specific to one region, one major storm can wipe out a large portion of the supply.

Our ingredients are USDA certified organic, sustainably produced, cruelty-free and ethically traded. We will always use the best ingredients to make the best safe and effective skin care products available. There is no compromising on ingredients. 

When faced with ingredient shortages we always try to find another supplier. However, we will never purchase lesser quality ingredients that do not meet our standards. We will wait, even if that means that a product remains "sold out."

We Are a Family of Families

Chagrin-Valley-Soap-FamilyFamilies have many responsibilities. Having children, caring for children, caring for ailing or elderly parents or other family obligations may mean a 1 to 4 month absence from work.

Even though many of life’s events are joyous ones, they still add stress to a family dynamic. While obviously, we like to see our employees at work, we know that their first priority is their family and we support them in whatever decisions they make.

It takes some extraordinary planning for a small business of 12 employees to work around the temporary loss of even one valued employee.

Our goal is to deliver the best skincare products that nature has to offer. Sourcing quality organic ingredients, making products, quality-checking, packaging, and shipping. A lot of work is done by our employees before our products reach you.

All of our recipes are invented, tested, and manufactured in our facility in Solon, Ohio. Nothing is outsourced. So, even when just one employee is missing from our small business, it has a cascading effect on every aspect of our daily business.


Social Media



We love social media as a way to share with our customers and we appreciate our customers who promote our company.  

Sometimes one shout out about our company goes viral. It is quite exciting and we love it, and it can cause a shopping frenzy on our website causing popular products to go out of stock.


Thank you again to our loyal customers for all of their support. Keep those "shout-outs" coming that is how we continue to grow!


New Products


We enjoy offering new products for our customers. 

Product development may come from our own ideas or via customer suggestions.

Sometimes one of these new products becomes an instant favorite and as a result, it disappears much more quickly than we had anticipated.

That is exactly what happened in the Spring of 2018 when we made our Springtime Lime seasonal natural soap for the first time. While we projected that the number of bars we made would last for 3 months, the supply lasted 5 weeks. 





Besides ingredients, we also purchase packaging like bottles, tins, and labels from suppliers.

There are so many glitches that can cause setbacks in our inventory. Backorders, delayed shipping, items discontinued, incorrect materials shipped, etc.

We once had a company go out of business while we were waiting for our order to be shipped (obviously we never received it.)




Organic-Natural-BathRunning out of stock is always terrible. We know that we have failed to satisfy our customers when they are unable to purchase the products they want. 

We will continue to maintain our high standards for quality products and will work harder to improve ourselves so that out-of-stock problems occur less often.  

We are also working harder to provide better information on our website concerning the availability of "sold-out" products. If there is a problem, for example, we are unable to get a particular ingredient that we need, we will include that information as well.

We want to thank our customers for their patience, understanding, and encouragement. Without all of you, there would be no Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve.