I just wanted to tell you how your soaps have literally saved my skin! About a year ago I started developing an extremely debilitating rash all over my face and body. After 4 months of back and forth with doctors, biopsies, 2 rounds of oral steroids, tubs of topical steroids, and finally a patch test, it was determined that I'm highly allergic to formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasing agents, which was in my shampoo, hand soap, face wash, and my baby's shampoo! I was getting contact dermatitis from using personal care products with these harmful chemicals.

I am so glad I found your site, because after using your soaps I have had no allergic reactions whatsoever! I use your castile soap on my face and your olive and babassu shampoo bar for my hair. I used to have dry skin and eczema and now that is completely gone! I used to get mild acne breakouts and blackheads too, and those have completely gone as well! I had no idea commercial products were actually making my skin WORSE. I also cut your castile soap into tiny tiny cubes and put them in my purse so I don't have to use the soap in public restrooms. This is a lifesaver because liquid hand soap often contains formaldehyde and cocamidropropyl betaine (another ingredient I'm highly allergic to), which was triggering contact dermatitis on my hands and transferring to my face! I just crush a soap cube or two between my fingers and lather up and rinse as usual.

Thank you for making soaps with SIMPLE ingredients! 

Diane, California