WOW! I know seems silly to start off with, but I just received my order of your shampoo and body soaps yesterday, and like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning I COULD NOT WAIT to take a shower last night to try some of them out on myself and my 2 year old son. First off, let me say the size of the bars is WONDERFUL! I was not blessed with little hands, so the larger bars are fantastic for me!

As for my son, he thought that they were the neatest thing he's ever seen he immediately started rubbing himself down with the Goat Milk and Honey bar - almost like he instinctively knew that this was good for his skin! He held onto the soap like his life depended on it - ha! I had to negotiate with him to get it out of his hands to continue his bath!

Then came the Carrot Milk and Honey shampoo bar - and WOW! It lathers incredibly, washes out so nicely, but most of all didn't irritate him whatsoever! After drying him off I could NOT believe how soft his skin was and his hair also!!! He's been battling dryness since birth and I have tried relentlessly to find something - anything - to help alleviate the tightness and dryness for him - well, I found it!!

To top it off I also ordered to whipped shea butter and decided to give it a whirl on him - and holy cow, FANTABULOUS is all I have to say! It melts so dreamy with the warmth of your skin, and left him smelling AMAZING and most importantly moisturized! The cutest thing that prompted this email was as I was applying the shea butter onto him, he kept saying "momma, cream so nice" - he has never uttered those words after I've applied lotion to him after a bath - NEVER!

Then it was my turn to try all these treats out! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the shampoo bars lather and cleaned my hair - I colour my hair, yet after using the shampoo bar my hair has never felt softer and more manageable (Ha - I sound like a commercial!). The soap bars are to die for! I came out of the shower without any tightness or dryness - I actually felt comfortable in my skin! I then tried the whipped shea butter in the Earth Blend scent - OMG! Heavenllllyyy! I LOVE the smell! So clean yet grounding, if that makes sense? I decided to use it not only on my dry patches, but my face as well, and funny thing, my husband thought I had bought a new perfume and was raving about it! That being said it's not super smelly, so no worries to those reading this that someone can smell you from a mile away, you can't - it's more that when the scent warms to your skin, it's a smell like nothing I've experienced, subtle yet still there -yummy!!!

Anyway, I had to share my story with you, and thank you for making a product that it not only good for the hair and skin, but good for children! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making these wonderful products!

A new and now loyal lifer to Chagrin Valley!

Christine, Canada