Dear Ida, I just had to send you an email to tell you how much I love your products. I first discovered them a few years ago when I discovered solid shampoo bars, and was looking for ones without sodium lauryl sulfate and added chemicals (and ones that weren't as expensive). I admit I went back and forth between using them and store-bought bottle shampoos for awhile, as I wasn't completely convinced that they were for me. However, I wasn't about to give up and continued to order as many samples as possible to find one that cleaned my fine, wavy hair without leaving it frizzy.

Today, I am hooked on your products and the few times I've had to go back to regular shampoos and conditioners, my hair has been a disaster. I found that many of your regular soap bars - not the shampoo bars - actually work best on my hair! I've gone through quite a bit of the different kinds and still have a few more to try - so far I love the Cucumber Lime Yogurt, Juniper Comfrey Mint, and the Lemon Lavender, but the absolute best one for me was the Coconut Cream Shea soap. My hair has never looked better, and I don't need conditioner anymore. (I do also love the Extra Honey Beer and Egg, Ayurvedic Herb, and the Nettle Shampoo Bars as well.)

I also added your Lemon Almond Shea Butter and Squalane Face and Eye Mousse in my last order, and I can't live without them. The Shea Butter is fantastic on my hands during the winter (I think I am addicted to the Lemon Almond smell) and the Squalane is the only thing I've been able to use on my super-sensitive face without any kind of rash or breakout. I've even used it on burn marks - new and old - and it has faded them significantly. (My skin is very pale, so scars are usually visible and take quite a long time to fade. I will definitely be ordering these again and again. Next on my list to try are your sugar scrubs and lip butter balms!

Please do not ever stop making your products! You have a customer for life.

Lyndsey, New York