I just want to let you guys know how happy I am to have found your products. I've put my hair through a lot this year, and I cannot believe how great it feels using your shampoo bars. I'm actually really excited to shampoo my hair and I'm really in love with the shampoos that I've purchased. I feel like the adjustment period was more of a learning curve for me, the first few days I wasn't getting a good lather (which I later realized was because I cut the sample bars too small) and my hair felt like I had put product in it even with the vinegar rinse.. this actually wasn't a bad thing because my hair miraculously held curls like never before! After I got a good lather and presumably washed all of the silicones out of my hair (which ended up being in ALL of my shampoos and conditioners), I was really, really impressed with the bars. The other day when I used the olive babassu bar, initially my hair felt a little oily, but later in the day after I brushed it when it was dry, I felt like I had hair straight out of a Pantene Pro-V commercial.. awesome!!

As for the body/facial soaps.. also very impressed! The honey butter soap is AMAZING.. I'm currently using this cleanser (it's more of a butter bar) from LUSH as a makeup remover and rinsing everything off with the honey butter soap.

I bought the cocoa shea shower body butter bar since the ingredients are essentially the same without all of the unneeded junk.. and what a price difference! 3 dollars extra from you guys to get more than double the LUSH bar. And as for all of the other soap bars.. they really are huge! There's a local vendor here in Texas that makes all natural bars that are 4 ounces that sell for $6.00 at most grocery stores that carry them.. this goes for most other soaps I've seen as well… about the same price for much less of the bar.

At first I wasn't thinking that your soaps would be moisturizing enough for me skin, but it turns out they work great. The feeling is a bit different because it does leave a sort of squeakiness BUT I haven't seen the skin on my hands drying out as much as they usually do when the dryer weather comes around and I start washing my hands a lot more. Same thing goes for my face.. which leads me to the last item I wanted to talk about.. the Squalane Facial mousse!! This stuff is fabulous.. and I was pretty amazed at how much you get for five bucks and some change.. when I first picked it up it was REALLY light and I thought "man, this doesn't seem like very much" until I opened it and took out some of the mousse and felt how absolutely rich it was.. I've been using it for a few days not and haven't noticed any clogging on my acne-prone skin.. my skin actually feels great! Not dry, not too oily…just a normal level of moisture (which I love).

Jennifer, Texas
Written in 2007