Hi Ida and crew, I've been meaning to write a testimonial since 2006! I'm usually not such a procrastinator:)

I was introduced to Chagrin Valley body and shampoo bars in the summer of 2006. I read all the testimonials to see if there were certain ones I should use for my hair type...my hair is very fine and thin, and used to just stick to my head and get greasy by the end of the day. I couldn't believe the difference in my hair after just one use. It definitely felt odd while I was washing (but I knew that was going to occur after reading tips on the site---thanks Ida!), but my hair rinsed squeaky clean...I also read the note about making sure to rinse well, so no residue is left. Once my hair dried it had so much more body...it wasn't curly (my hair won't even do that with a curling iron), but it wasn't so baby soft and fly away. It actually was able to get a little tangley, which my hair has never done before. I also noticed the lack of grease and my hair looked better when I left it down.

After about 2 months or so of using both body and shampoo bars on my hair, I went to help my mom purchase reading glasses. As I was looking in the magnified mirror at frames, I noticed hair that was about an inch long sticking straight up at the top of my forehead...I do not have bangs and haven't for some time. I was mortified and wondered when I had had scissors near my head and why I didn't remember cutting it:) Then it dawned on me...I had been using Herb Garden for a while (this soap was created by Ida for a customer who wanted to stimulate hair growth...correct me if I'm wrong Ida, I thought I read that somewhere). When I was in the 3rd grade I got a round brush stuck in my hair at the very top of my forehead b/c I had no idea how to use a brush like that and thought maybe it would make it curly...grass is always greener:) Needless to say some of my hair had to get pulled out to get the brush out. I didn't look bald and never thought about it again...those follicles had died from the trauma and Ida's soaps filled with wonderful herbs (nettles, rosemary, and chamomile in particular I believe) had stimulated those dead follicles! I've never gone back to liquid retail shampoo and I now use a vinegar rinse on my hair for conditioner.

Thanks Chagrin Valley Soap!! Steph, Ohio