Greetings chagrin valley family,  im writing you to say that im really glad to find you , as you know i have orderd collection of products for my entire family in my previous order, shampoo bars, soaps , face oils, salves and whipped butters, i want you to know that every single person in my family is already happy with the product, my main search was about natural shampoo bars, but it turned out to be in need of EVERYTHING! 

My dad who suffers from his knees and in constant pain tried your cold menthol and warming muscle salves, although i wasn't sure if this was going to be enough to help in his case, as he has (not sure if thats the exact name ) knee osteoarthritis or that is called roughness in the knees , he either need surgery to fix that or get those injection fillers every 6 months to reduce friction, but he gets some infection there every now and then that cause the knee to swell, after using your salves he say he can clearly feel that it did work on his pain, he is carrying those little tins with him wherever he goes! Im so glad that he is using something that is organic and yet does the job!

i love you guys and i love the quality of your products, the shampoos are great, i can already feel the diffrence in my hair, the lip balm works wonders and the aloe aloe aloe soap is awesome, i have placed another order yesterday and seriously if it wasn't about me being worried about the shipping bill i would have orderd even more items!

As you know i live in kuwait and that dhl address i use to ship my orders to in ohio is where they redirect the shipment to me in kuwait , they charge for that based on the size and the weight of the package , cause if i choose shipping direct to kuwait the package will go to the postal office where will be alot of hassle to release it , so thats why i prefer my ohio address , i paid around 100 dollar for my previous shipment but seriously i can tell your products are worth it. Also id like to say that the packaging was awesome, all the products arrived in perfect condition, i wish you all the best and god bless you. 

Thank you so much for everything. 

Hadeel, Kuwait