Thank you so much for your response! I wasn't going to respond with this message....mainly because I know you guys must get tons of emails and I hated to bother you again. But....I really feel like I should share this one thing before I leave you alone!

I have been using your products for over a week now. Although I purchased everything for one reason, which was dry, itchy skin, there was a very HAPPY and unexpected side effect. This condition I have suffered with for 14 years, ever since I was sixteen years old. I have tried literally thousands of products and have never had much success and I have since quit trying and chalked it up to "that's life" and live with it. So I have to admit, when I first started using your products, this condition never even crossed my mind because I have been so deep in the mindset that it would never go away or be "cured" or healed.

The condition is called Keratosis Pilaris. KP for short and effects so many people it is almost considered "common". I first thought it was "acne" all those years ago when I first got it. It comes on the backs of my arms, the backs of my thighs and the buttocks region as well. Some people get it in many other places. I am sure you guys have heard of are probably "skin condition" geniuses at this point! Anyway, for anyone who doesn't is basically a very complex "dry-skin" condition. Something called "keratin" actually clogs each pore and shows on the surface of the skin as bumps, red or flesh-colored. The condition is also known as "chicken skin". But this keratin is super-hard and almost impossible to get rid of with the usual exfoliation that you would normally think about. I cannot tell you how many products I have bought and how many KP forums I have been in online hoping that someone else suffering from it would somehow find a magical cure. I have bought KP Duty from Dermadoctor.......which costs about 36 bucks for four ounces and going by their recommendations, I would use all four ounces in a week!!!.......I have bought countless bottles of AmLactin at the drugstore......Kiehl's Creme de Corps, because I read about it on a forum before, 70 bucks for a liter bottle.......Eucerin, name it, I have tried it. Intense, rough exfoliation.....peels......everything. Sometimes, the bumps would lessen....but never enough to make the procedure worth it.

Let me just tell you......I am blown away and absolutely, literally almost speechless.....when I saw what was happening from using your products. I started using the Castile soap in the shower. I would just rub the bar over my skin every other day......and the other days I would use my loofah for a little extra exfoliation with the Castile soap. I would then use the shower lotion butter bar in the shower while the water is still running because it seems to help the bar "melt" better. I would rub it only on the backs of my arms and elbows at first.....but for some reason I started using the butter bar in the other KP regions on my body as well. Then.....out of the shower.....I would use just a little bit of the whipped shea (I got the lemon almond, by the way, which smells fabulous!!) in the KP regions. Honestly......I really wasn't expecting anything different from everything else I had ever tried....because like I said, I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on some products and they didn't even help!!! It has barely been over a week and I have never seen the skin on my body, in those particular areas, look that smooth. Ever. There are still a few of the KP "bumps" but never has anything else gotten rid of SO MUCH of it like this has!! And I have a feeling with continued use, it will continue to I said, I have had this condition for over 14 years! When I first noticed....I literally cried. My husband thought I was going insane.....but it is just impossible to explain how good it feels to finally make an improvement in an area you have been fighting for that long.

I am going to talk about this on every single KP forum that I have ever been on.......I would even be willing to STOP using the products for about a week and let it all come back....just so that I can take some before and after photos (decent ones of course! ) so that I can prove this to other KP people. I am sure many of them are at the point of having to "prove" before they buy.....just like I was! I cannot explain how much I am so glad I found Chagrin Valley. I am actually paranoid now......I keep thinking that Chagrin Valley is going to go away or something! I am sorry if this seems over-dramatic......I really just cannot thank you all enough!

Audrey, South Carolina