Dear Ida and Chagrin Valley Family, Your soaps have basically saved my skin, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your products. I have an autoimmune disease that attacks collagen among other things, and this means my skin is very easily damaged. For years I used medicated soap after medicated soap and they just destroyed my facial skin especially. After one instance where I discovered what looked like a 10cm long paper cut across one of my cheeks, I decided to change over to the 'gentle' cleansers on the market. They were better than the harsh soaps, but my skin was still in trouble, and there were days where I would just dread having to go wash my face because I knew it was going to hurt badly.

I very wearily ordered my first Chagrin Valley bar back in August (the Aloe, Aloe, Aloe bar because my skin really likes aloe), and it stung my face a lot in the beginning, probably because my skin was so unbalanced and damaged from the other soaps I had been using. I kept at it in spite of the not-so-auspicious start, and I can't tell you how glad I am that I did. The soaps have obviously not suddenly cured me of every one of my problems, but they've actually made me look forward to washing my face and showering! I ordered about a billion samples after the Aloe soap, and I was really scared at first that they were going to hurt my face and I would find myself back in square one, but to my delight, every single one of the ones I've tried is great! (With the exception of the Rhassoul & Yoghurt soap which gave me tiny pimples which went away in a day - still, a far cry from inflamed, painful bumps all over my skin, or skin so dry it would bleed when I smiled!!)

I love every single soap I've tried, and I'm still working through my samples, even though I gave a bunch of them away for the winter holidays because I was so excited about them. My favourites for the face are the super-fatted ones - the Honey Butter soap is soooo creamy and moisturising (and smells delicious), as is the Olive &Shea soap. I loved the Avocado Oats and Shea soap but after the bar wore down a bit, the oats scratched my skin a bit if used directly on my face. It makes such a lovely body soap, that I didn't even need moisturiser after my shower! This never happens to me. The Seabuckthorn & Tea Tree Oil and the Aloe, Aloe, Aloe soaps are wonderful when my skin is acting up - they're soothing and treat the troubled spots without being drying, and while I wasn't too thrilled with their smell before, now I absolutely love them, because I associate them with comfort now. I keep the soaps I'm not using with my clothes, and it makes me happy to put on a shirt and smell the seabuckthorn soap.

On my last order I got the Creamy Shea Butter lip balm to try out and I'm enjoying it a lot. A few days ago my cheekbone had a bit of skin scraped off and it looked like it would scab over, so after washing my face I smeared some of the shea lip balm over it and went to bed hoping for the best. And viola, in the morning, the skin was still raw and you could definitely see the wound, but the skin there wasn't scar-like, scabbed over, or that painful stetchy way you get in old scars, which is what I was expecting. Before discovering your company, I would have never even thought of putting something that wasn't explicitly marketed for facial skin on my face. Chagrin Valley rocks! I have taken up enough of your time, but thank you so much again.

You might want to include somewhere on your site that you should give your skin/hair some time after switching to natural soaps before deciding to give up on them, just in case there are other people with odd skin problems. Ida, thanks so much for formulating and selling these soaps - please please never stop making them, you have a customer for life in me! And thanks to the Chagrin Valley family for helping things run so smoothly - I placed an order over the weekend, and it shipped today at noon! I'm so excited to get it so I can try everything out. :)

Best, Gabriela, Virginia


Hi, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing line of soaps. A friend of mine gave me a sampler several weeks ago, and because my facial skin was a total mess, I took a risk and began washing my face with the sample bars. This was incredibly risky because I have tricky, sensitive skin--fair, dry, flaky, and lots of breakouts (sometimes deep). My face was so bad right before this that I had seen a dermatologist and she had recommended a round of antibiotics and topical treatment--frustrating when you're in your 30's. Fortunately, I didn't take her advice. After just a few weeks, my skin looks AMAZING. I also slather on the whipped shea butter at night--and it doesn't break me out! My skin hasn't been this clear since I was a kid. Even the scars left by the acne seem smaller. Thanks so much for these magical bars. I'll be ordering more soon! :)

I asked Lindy which soaps she used . . . I used a combination of soaps: neem & tea tree, goat milk oatmeal/honey, and shea rose clay. I kind of switch them out--oatmeal or shea if the skin is looking a little dry. I'm just surprised that all of them work fine on my skin! I've tried *everything* on the market--medical grade and other natural products. I sent a bar to my mom and she loves the product too.

Lindy, Georgia