Hi Ida, I have been your loyal customer for the past three and a half years and I have been consistently impressed and satisfied with every purchase and order. I've recommended several people over the past years in the hopes that they too can enjoy the loveliest all natural soaps ever. I'd written a testimonial some years ago about your fabulous shampoo bars, but recently I've been ordering your lovely body soaps.

I recently had a severe psoriasis flare up on my arms and back accompanied by incessant itching and oozing from the sores. Doctors, naturopaths, homeopathy, a vegan diet, wheat germ oil, castor packs, topical cortisone--nothing worked. Several hundred dollars later, I turned to your site, and ordered Dead Sea Spa, Orange Creamsicle, Lemon Lavender, and Juniper Comfrey Mint. Let me tell you, I was so happy when the package arrived, I immediately jumped in the shower and bathed with the Dead Sea Spa. What a liberating experience, my skin could actually breathe again, and if it could speak it would have sure said "Thank You". It was the most refreshing experience ever, my skin was no longer itching, and the patches were less swollen. Juniper Comfrey Mint helped to lighten up some of the scarring and had an invigorating smell. Orange Creamsicle a true delight, I love how clean yet moisturized I feel after a shower, and most importanly, this soap helped the most with all the red patches and sores. One use with the soap and the redness was gone. Lemon Lavender, will be a staple soap as well, as it is wonderful at gently exfoliating and smells lightly of lemons.

I recently placed another order with more of the Dead Sea Spa, Lemon Lavender and my new all time favorite soap--Cucumber Lime Yogurt! Where do I start--first, the smell, like Key Lime Pie. While showering, it has a delicious, creamy lather, it exfoliates my skin, and feel perfectly moisturized afterwards. I have 3c curls and typically use the Ayurveda shampoo bar, babassu marshmallow, olive babassu with good results. Since I was all out of shampoo bars, I decided to try the Cucumber Lime Yogurt to wash my scalp and hair--Oh My Goodness!!! My curls look Amazing! I got the best curl definition, clumping without major shrinkage, and an incredible sofness, moisture and shine. I was truly impressed and wonderfully surprised! I now have been using this as my body and shampoo bar and will continue to do so. I follow up with an acv rinse and have recently replaced the shower filter, so that really helps overall for skin health as well. Ida, I just wanted to thank you again for making such amazing products and always providing the best customer service. Your soaps have really helped my skin heal. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication. As I've said once before, you are truly the soap maker from heaven :) I wish you much continued success.

Many Blessings! Jennifer, Massachusetts