When is the Next Scrap Sack Sale? Which Scraps Will be Available?

A Scrap Sacks includes ONE POUND of natural soap or shampoo bar odds and ends at a real savings. Great for Travel! Keep small pieces in your purse or car for use in public restrooms.

NOTE: If there is no date listed below there are no scrap sacks available at this time. When available, a date will be announced in our newsletter (link to sign up).

When is the Next Scrap Sack Sale?

The present Scrap Sack Sale is Sold Out!

This Cost for each One Pound Sack is $11.95.

There is a limit of ONE (1) soap scrap sack and ONE (1) shampoo scrap sack per order! (That is a total of 2 scrap sacks--one of each)*

*NOTE: If we are only selling ALL Soap or ALL Shampoo then there is a limit of only ONE (1) scrap sack per order!

What Scrap Sacks Will be Available?

Soap Scrap Sacks

Shampoo Scrap Sacks

If you have allergies or skin sensitivities please see the individual soaps or shampoos for a list of ingredients.

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