Collection: Bug Repellent

Our Deet-free all organic insect repellents, safe and effective for the whole family, use organic essential oils to naturally repel insects.

If you love camping, hiking, gardening, picnicking, fishing, golfing or simply enjoying the outdoors, we have some great natural organic insect repellents to help keep bugs from biting, naturally!

More About Bug Repellent:

Plants have been repelling insects and bugs to protect themselves since the beginning of time. So why not harness the power of plants? That’s just what we did at Chagrin Valley. We created a line of safe and effective “Don’t Bug Me!” organic products that would help repel insects—Naturally!

Our Certified Organic bug repellents work because the active ingredients are plant essential oils known to contain high levels of natural bug deterrents. 

Lemon Eucalyptus is recommended by the CDC. It may work as well as low concentrations of DEET to prevent mosquitoes from biting. A higher percentage of DEET in a repellent does not mean that your protection is better, just that it will last longer. So a natural repellent needs to be applied more frequently.

Please note that if you are venturing into areas that are heavily infested with mosquitoes and ticks that carry disease, like Malaria or the Zika virus, DEET is still recommended as the most effective.

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