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One of life’s simplest pleasures is a bar of natural handmade soap.

Chagrin Valley Natural Soap Bars are handmade from scratch, using the cold processed method, one batch at a time, to ensure freshness, consistency, and perfection.

Made with certified organic and natural ingredients, our recipes are meticulously developed to produce a mild, nourishing soap that offers a magnificent lather and leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and radiantly healthy.

More About Natural Soap:

From its composition, to its benefits for the skin and health, to its impact on the environment, natural soap is very different from commercial soap. 

The level of care and attention that goes into producing a batch of cold process soap is unparalleled in commercial soaps. The goals and mission of a small business are also quite different from those of a large corporation.

Natural soaps are really soap. The recipes use sustainable, environmentally friendly natural and organic ingredients in an age-old process to produce a great lathering mild soap that promotes healthy skin.

Embrace a very simple pleasure of life by using a bar of handmade natural soap. Indulge your senses in natural aromatherapy, moisturize your skin, and feel good about what you put on your skin. This small change will leave your skin beautifully conditioned but and help make our planet a bit happier! Your skin will notice the difference and your skin will thank you.

Our soaps are scented with organic herbs and essential oils. Scents will be softer or lighter than soaps made with synthetic fragrances.

Please visit our Product Knowledge Base for tips to help choose a Natural Soap. 

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