Organic Calendula

Organic Calendula

Calendula, Calendula officinalis, is an annual plant that has an orange or yellow daisy-like flower. It is a member of the Asteraceae (daisy) family. It has been used for centuries to enhance skin tone and appearance and is very soothing to sensitive and dry skin, Also referred to as "pot marigold," calendula petals have a wide range of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and skin-healing properties.

Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties make it a potent remedy for all kinds of inflammatory issues like dermatitis, burns, cuts, insect bites, rashes, wounds, and skin disorders such as eczema and acne. Since calendula helps increase blood flow and oxygen to irritated skin and wounds, it helps the healing process, promotes skin cell regrowth, and moisturizes dry cracked skin.

Calendula, a great herb for individuals with sensitive skin, has been shown to improve skin firmness and hydration. Because of its mild nature, calendula oil is especially helpful in soothing diaper rash and other forms of baby skin irritation.

During the American Civil War physicians preserved the juice from the plant with alcohol and used the mixture on the battlefield. World War I battlefield doctors poured boiling water over dried flower heads and applied the mixture to soldiers’ wounds to prevent infection and inflammation.

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