Tree Nut Free Natural Skin Care
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Tree Nut Free Natural Skin Care

Tree nut allergy, one of the most common allergies, can cause everything from a severe, potentially fatal, allergic reaction called anaphylaxis to localized dermatitis. 

A person with an allergy to one type of tree nut has a higher chance of being allergic to other types.

Since most of our products do NOT contain tree nut ingredients, the table below lists the ingredients and the products that may cause nut allergy. 


Products NOT to use if you have nut allergies

Walnut Oil Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo
Sweet Almond Oil Vanilla Bean Body Oil
Romantic Spirit Body Oil
Tranquil Spirit Body Oil
Lovely Lavender Body Oil
Energizing Sore Muscle Body Oil
Honey Butter Lip Balm
Coconut Milk Shampoo
Nut Butters Please see notes below

Since we proudly list every ingredient in all of our products, you can always scan the ingredients list for each product. Please double-check the ingredients on the product pages, we sometimes change recipes!

A Note About Shea Butter, Illipe Butter, Kokum Butter, and other possible nut allergy triggers:

  • We have not included Shea Butter products in our Nut Allergy avoidance list above. 
  • The Shea Nut is distantly related to the Brazil Nut, but the relationship of proteins from this nut to other nuts or peanuts has not been studied well.

There are other natural butters that are derived from the kernel or nut of a tree such as Illipe, Kokum, and even Mango butter or Coconut Oil. The information as to whether or not these products can cause an allergic reaction in people with tree nut allergies is often quite contradictory.

There are studies that show that some products/ingredients that are related to nuts or nut-producing trees may trigger nut allergies in severely sensitive people.

If you or someone in your family has any problems with tree nut allergies or other sensitivities PLEASE do an allergy patch test before using any new products to be safe. 



People with severe allergies--please note: If you have severe anaphylactic-type reactions to ANY of the ingredients in ANY of our products, please do not buy our products. We have dedicated soap rooms and product rooms that are kept meticulously clean, but we cannot guarantee against possible cross-contamination of individual ingredients.

Chagrin Valley Soap & Craft is not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. Each product description on our website includes a complete list of ingredients. People with sensitivities to any listed ingredient should not use the product. In case you are in doubt always try an allergy patch test and if at any time irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product.



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