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Olive Butter

Olive Butter contains the moisturizing and antioxidant properties of olive oil with the deep moisturizing and skin nourishing qualities of a thicker butter for healthy, hydrated skin. Olive butter is a rich, thick moisturizer. Unlike olive oil, the consistency of olive butter creates a rich emollient with a less greasy feel which makes it great for dry facial skin.

Our Olive Butter begins with the cold pressing of olives to create olive oil, rich in vitamins and nourishing fatty acids. The olive oil is then hydrogenated to create a soft, silky butter that melts quickly and deeply hydrates the skin. 

We use olive butter in one product, our best selling Squalane Face & Eye Mousse. We experimented with so many ingredients and chose olive butter because its characteristics are very similar to those of shea butter. While the emollients in shea and other butters may be to heavy for those with normal or oily skin, the olive butter whips up beautifully into a lovely, lightweight facial cream. 

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