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Soy Wax

Soy wax melts at a about 102 degrees, which is only slightly warmer than body temperature, making it a great ingredient for a lotion candle or massage candle. Our soy wax is made from 100% pure soybean oil - a natural moisturizer that makes your skin silky smooth!

Special Notes

Organic: Be suspicious of companies claiming to use organic soy wax, because there is no such thing. Any wax that is made from a liquid vegetable oil requires a hydrogenation reaction to convert it from liquid to solid. This reaction prevents the organic certification of soy wax.

Non-GMO: We purchase non-GMO wax whenever it is available. Since more than 90% of the US soybean crop has been genetically modified, it is not always available. Our soy wax comes from a company that tests the wax for any presence of and guarantees no GMM (Genetically Modified Material), as well as no herbicides and pesticides. This does not necessarily mean that the original soybeans were GMO free. But in a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) it is the DNA that is modified, which is located in the protein of the soybean, NOT in the oil. Be wary of companies claiming to use only Non-GMO soy wax.

Why do we use soy wax? We received a lot of requests to make our candles vegan. There is no other vegetable wax that melts at a low enough temperature to be safe for a body candle.

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