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Organic Hibiscus

Hibiscus, Hibiscus sabdariffa, or Javakusuma, is one of the most common flowering trees of India. The leaves and flowers of the tree were used in cosmetic treatments during the ancient days and have become very much a part of Ayurveda. It possesses astringent properties that help sooth inflamed skin and natural antiseptic qualities that assist your cleansing ritual gently and naturally. Its high vitamin C content makes it a great skin antioxidant, and it is considered helpful in retarding the effects of aging. It is a great herb for softening the skin or soothing sunburn. In hair care, it is used to lessen gray hair and promote hair growth. The woman of India used the Hibiscus flower to adorn her hair and used its extracts as a treatment to thicken hair. The flowers and leaves contain many properties that benefit hair and scalp and help in the treatment of dandruff and hair loss. Today, Hibiscus is added to brahmi, bhringaraj, amla, and other such extracts, to formulate tonics for hair care.  Added to a tea rinse, it provides slip to aid in detangling. 

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