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Organic Nutmeg

NutmegMyristica fragrans, grows on an evergreen tree originally native to the Spice Islands, a small group of islands to the north-east of Indonesia. The fruit of this tree has a single seed, which makes it a drupe, like an apricot with its pit. In this case, the nutmeg is the seed or pit and it is surrounded by a soft reddish outer coating, which is actually another valuable spice called “mace.”

Nutmeg, like cinnamon and cloves, contains eugenol, which makes it useful for treating muscular and joint pain. It can be found in treatments for dull or oily skin. When used in soaps or body scrubs, the gentle exfoliation and antiseptic properties of nutmeg powder can help relieve the clogged pores that cause blackheads.

Herbal medicine has used nutmeg powder mixed with honey, yogurt or even water to reduce skin inflammation and irritation, promote hydration, decrease acne and acne scars, and boost the overall appearance and health of your skin. 

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