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Organic Orris Root

Orris Root, Iris (germanica, pallida. florentina),  is a general term for the peeled, dried and ground rhizomes (roots) of three species of Iris. The essential oils locked inside the orris root, give it the lovely scent of violets and its natural minerals and oils have antiseptic properties. Since it is very gentle on the skin, the powder is often used as a base of powders for the face, hair, feet, baby powders and even underarm deodorants. The powder helps skin maintain its natural moisture content and gives skin a fresh and glowing appearance. Orris powder is often used in natural tooth powders. Powdered orris root has been used to promote healthy, beautiful hair. A bit of orris powder on the scalp freshens the scalp and the hair and leaves the hair soft and manageable. 

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