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Allspice Essential Oil

Allspice Essential Oil has a high eugenol content, which is why its aroma resembles a blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and black pepper. Hence the name "allspice."

Allspice essential oil has antiseptic properties and due to the presence of eugenol, it also functions as a mild local anesthetic. Although it can be a great addition to massage products for arthritic and muscular pain, it can be a skin irritant and must be properly diluted in a carrier oil (as with most essential oils).

Aromatherapy Properties: One of the traditional uses of allspice essential oil is to help calm the nerves, ease anxiety and decrease that "jittery" feeling. Adding a bit of allspice to a diffuser, may help to clear your mind of any stress or worries that have built up throughout your busy day.

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