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Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage, Salvia sclarea, has a beautiful earthy and herbaceous scent with a hint of floral. The natural soothing qualities of clary sage help reduce skin inflammation and heal rashes. It also helps regulate and balance the production of natural skin oils and tones the skin as a mild astringent, making it a great oil for both oily and dry skin. Clary sage has anti-bacterial properties which help ease acne prone skin. 

Aromatherapy Properties: calms and balances the spirit and brings on a feeling of tranquility. Helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. Clary Sage is especially good for female ailments. The estrogen-like properties of clary sage essential oil may help restore hormone balance and alleviate some symptoms. It helps one cope with menstrual cramps or PMS and has established itself as a premier remedy for menopausal hot flashes. Clary Sage aromatherapy should not be used if you are pregnant, nursing or have ever had any estrogen-related cancer, such as breast cancer.

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