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Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Lemon Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus citriodora, oil is pressed from the leaves and twigs of the Eucalyptus citriodora tree. Although originally from Australia, the trees grow in Guatemala, Colombia, Egypt, South Africa, India and China. Both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine have known the medicinal importance of lemon eucalyptus for thousands of years. It has a sweet, lemony fragrance similar to citronella. Lemon eucalyptus oil, a strong anti-fungal and antiseptic, has been used to treat athlete’s foot. When diluted in massage oil, it helps soothe aching muscles and joints. The aromatic leaf oils have been used in steam inhalation to help with nasal congestion, sore throat and cold symptoms.

Considered one of the most effective plant-based insect repellents, lemon eucalyptus oil offers natural protection from insect bites. It has even been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for protection against mosquitoes that may carry the West Nile virus.

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